Who Is Lamar Jackson’s Daughter and How Old Is She?

While Lamar Jackson is undoubtedly a terrifying opponent on the field, off it he is as nice as they come. The quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens learned at a young age the value of love and family after losing his father in a car accident.

His off-field persona has always revolved around hoping for and working toward a bright future for his loved ones. He never misses an opportunity to tell his followers about the joy in his home, and he did so again this Halloween by posting a photo of his adorable daughter Lani in her costume.

Lamar Jackson Daughter

On Tuesday, January 4th, 2022, quarterback Lamar Jackson celebrated his daughter Milan’s first birthday with the public, giving fans another glimpse into his personal life. Father posted adorable photos to Instagram to commemorate the event, including one of his daughter “Lani” who was hesitant to play in the snow.

Also, this past season was her first time dressing up for Halloween as Pebbles.

You can see a lot of Dad in Milan. Please, more adorable newborn pictures of the two of them!

The Ravens’ bye week fell just in time for the fathers to enjoy Halloween with their kids. In celebration of the holiday, Lamar Jackson and his family all dressed up as characters from “The Flintstones,” with his daughter Milan (or Lani as he calls her) donning a Pebbles costume.

On Wednesday, Jackson beamed as he was asked about his daughter’s costume. “Yes, you found it enjoyable. Can we say that she’s hot?”

Lamar was cryptic about whether or not he dressed up with her. A meeting with Brandon Williams on equal terms could be necessary. I just adore how well-coordinated the whole family is in their “Wizard of Oz” attire!

As soon as Lani’s photos appeared online, they sparked a wave of admiration across various networks. Perhaps because of his no-nonsense on-field demeanor, Lamar Jackson’s fans were taken aback to learn that he is also a devoted father.

Meet Kira the Youngest Child

The daughter of Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson and his wife, Jessica Davis, Kira was her daughter’s name, said Davis. She is 1 year old.

“Kira has arrived over a week early, but she’s perfectly healthy! Davis stated on Instagram that the baby girl was doing great and was a model citizen. Her stature and strength impress me.

The newborn will join Jackson’s older children from a previous relationship. Jackson and Davis got married in 2015, right after Jackson’s senior season as a quarterback at the University of Louisville.

A Look Back at the Life of Pregnant Lamar Jackson and His Wife Stephanie Jackson’s children from his two prior marriages. His son, Jordan Lamar Jackson, was born in 2011.

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