Lauren Ash Before and After 2022: All About Lauren Ash Weight Loss Journey And Reasons With Before And After Photos!


Lauren Ash is urging people to make self-love a New Year’s resolution.

In a passionate Instagram post on Thursday, the Superstore alum, 38, campaigned for body positivity, wearing a black leather bra in a mirror selfie. “I pledge to dress like the rock star I am in 2022,” Ash said in the post.

She noted that she’s had some questions regarding her recent weight reduction, and while she insists that she “never owes anyone ANY explanation about my body,” she does want to “address some topics that are important to me.”

“What a lovely privilege it is to grow old!” she said. “I am SO GRATEFUL I get to be here to celebrate another year of living in this beautiful body that never deserved the abuse I gave it for so long.”

“Be gentle to yourselves today,” the TV personality continued.

Continuing her message to individuals who want to advise her she “should smile,’ ‘cover-up,’ or stop looking for this type of attention,’ ” As Ash stated, “Perhaps you should examine why a confident woman uses her position to promote self-love and acceptance is so upsetting to you.

“First and foremost, it saddens me greatly that so many of you have sent me private messages about how much you despise your bodies. I hope you could all see the beauty that you possess. And remember that your size has nothing to do with your beauty. Size has no bearing on worth “Ash penned something. “We waste an unbelievable amount of time trying to change ourselves instead of just being where we are at any given time.”

lauren ash before and after

Ash attributed her weight reduction to certain lifestyle changes she made after she “experienced enormous personal loss in so many ways,” which taught her the value of “eliminating stress from my life at all costs” and “prioritizing my own needs and wishes.”

“You have no idea what poison can do to your body until you commit to entirely removing it,” she continued. “Never underestimate what our bodies can achieve when they are subjected to lengthy periods of tremendous stress, or what may happen when you just refuse to accept that way of life. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

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I had a lot of losses in 2021

as I previously stated. The most essential lesson I learned was the value of life. LIVE!!! Live now! Life is very brief! Eat your Brie! Wear the pleather bra you’ve always wanted to try! Tomorrow isn’t certain!

lauren ash before and after

“And remember, you are formed of MAGIC, thus beauty is everywhere within you! And, while I’m not sure who needs to hear it today, remember this: you are deserving of love simply because you exist “Ash came to an end.

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My constant pain finally prompted me to get surgery in 2016.

The procedure was performed in order to remove some of the larger cysts that were causing me pain. After that, the surgeon basically informed me my insides were a hot mess: I had more cysts than they’d anticipated, as well as additional scar tissue twisting everything together. “You have to be in a lot of agonies,” she remarked. I almost laughed out loud.

The entire situation felt absurd. I’d been telling physicians for years that I was in excruciating pain, but they wouldn’t believe me until they’d cut me up and see the damage. Is it too much to expect that men believe women when they say they are in pain? To be regarded seriously, we should not have to “perform” pain.

lauren ash before and after

“I’ve been experiencing suicidal thoughts, and I assume it’s because of the progesterone,” I finally informed my endocrinologist.” Her answer? “I don’t believe so,” she says. She refused to believe my account of my own personal experience in my own body! (Note: Since interacting with so many other PCOS sufferers, I’ve discovered that many ladies have had the same progesterone experience.)

I spent the following few years figuring out what worked best for my body to help control my symptoms through trial and error. Because there is no cure for PCOS, it is all about learning to live with it as comfortably as possible. I discovered a few things that didn’t work (cough, Paleo diet, cough) and a few things that helped, such as taking daily inositol tablets, which are believed to help with conception and reproductive health, reducing dairy consumption, and acupuncture.

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Why Were Some Fans Upset?

Several other celebrities have suffered a backlash after losing weight, including Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson. Fans felt “betrayed” by her weight reduction, fearing it could lead other plus-sized and “body positive” celebrities to drop weight as well.

“I wish Lizzo doesn’t jump on the entire ‘becoming skinny after fame’ bandwagon,” a Twitter user recently said, referring to celebrities who have shrunk in size as “losses.” They went on, “We lost Adele, Rebel Wilson, Meghan Trainer, and Melissa McCarthy.

Virgie Tovar, an author, and body-positive specialist, previously spoke to Yahoo Life about the topic and explained why some fans feel misled. She speculated that the outrage and grief arise from a belief that celebrities exploit their ties to the body-positivity group in order to get fame, then desert it by decreasing weight after they’ve achieved success.

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