Leva Southern Charm Plastic Surgery: After Cosmetic Procedures, Did She Change in Appearance?

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After Cameron Eubanks quit the program due to her husband’s infidelity, Leva was cast as one of Southern Charm’s main characters. From the pilot episode through season six, she appeared as a recurring character, and from season seven onward she was a series regular.

Leva’s most notable part was in the Southern Charm movies. For each season, the show nets her roughly $25,000 in salary. After Season 6 of The Southern Charm, she took over for Cameran Eubanks. Sources say Eubanks quit after Kathryn Dennis accused her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, of cheating. Eubanks has denied the allegations and stands behind her husband.

Is Her Appearance Distinctly Distinctive from What It Was Before the Operation?

Earlier this year, Southern Charm’s Leva Bonaparte (@levabonaparte) spoke candidly about her decision to get plastic surgery shortly after giving birth to her son.

The reality actress has always been forthright and honest with her close circle of friends and family, and now she is sharing the same with the viewers of Southern Charm. When Leva was added to the reality show this past season, she became an instant hit with the audience. Her viewers really appreciate her efforts to be herself on TV.

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Leva Bonaparte Published an Image of Herself on Instagram with A Lengthy Description

After giving birth to her son Lamar Jr., she revealed in the caption that she had opted for plastic surgery. The 43-year-old woman, who is typically private, decided to go public with the news that she was having elective surgery. After being bombarded with questions from fans regarding her most recent weight loss, she finally decided to share her story online.

She opened out about her own struggles with weight gain over the years and her son’s 70-pound pregnancy-related weight gain. Leva’s highest body mass occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said that she had lost a lot of weight through diet and exercise, but that there were still certain problem places that wouldn’t budge.

leva southern charm plastic surgery

Leva Bonaparte decided to get in touch with plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Crantford. She inquired as to what it was that she should be doing. Though she didn’t go into detail about the procedures she chose, Leva did share that she was pleased with the end result. In general, Leva is pleased with Dr. Crantford’s work and her appearance. And here’s what she had to say:

Everything I had hoped for and more, he surpassed! I am thrilled with the results of my recent plastic surgery with Dr. Clayton Crantford because my new body looks even better than I had hoped. So, let the moms do the heavy lifting, and do whatever makes you happy—but only if you have the appropriate doctor. I’m just being honest with you.

It’s not uncommon to look for Leva’s lip color, either. If so, then her lips could just be a lipstick trick. In any case, we think that lip fillers were employed. We also have concerns about the safety of Botox injections.

Her skin is too taut and stretched, suggesting that she has had some kind of cosmetic surgery. She might have even gotten cheek implants. Her devoted following also theorizes that she has had rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to improve her appearance. Her “before” and “after” photos showcase the dramatic transformations.

Plastic Surgery Has Made Leva Happy with Her Physical Self

it seems like a good call. The star of Southern Charm is clearly confident in herself since she has accepted her body as it is. If you follow your gut, says Leva, you’ll never be disappointed. Since the premiere of Southern Charm: Leva Land is rapidly approaching, she undoubtedly needs to take the best care of herself possible.

Although Leva Bonaparte‘ does not hide or dispute the plastic surgery she has had, we do not believe that she is being entirely forthright about it. Most of her fans are on board with her choices and say she looks great after the surgery. They also appreciate that she didn’t go crazy with the procedures like some other celebrities.

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How Much Is Leva Bonaparte Worth?

Leva has accumulated a large fortune via her more than two decades of employment in the hospitality industry, in addition to her fame. Currently, she is valued at about $3.6 million dollars. The family firm that she comes from is a global powerhouse.

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