Lily-Rose Depp, The Supermodel Daughter of Johnny Depp, Turns 23 Today! View Pictures

Lily-Rose Depp is a model for Chanel, she has appeared in films like The King, The Voyagers and Wolf, and The Governesses, and is the younger sister of Pirates of the Caribbean star, Jack Depp.

Rising celebrity isn’t all glitz and glamour, though; she’s been candid about her anorexia battles in the past.

Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s six-week defamation trial has come to a close

Closing arguments by Johnny’s lawyer Benjamin Chew emphasized that the case was “about the truth about what really happened” and that he wanted to show his two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, that “the truth is worth fighting for”. Stylecaster quotes Johnny as saying, “I thought it was my job to stand up, not only for myself in that circumstance, but stand up for my children..”

“Washed-up, f***ing c***, and a f***ing deadbeat dad” and “where it hurts—his children” are just some of the things Johnny Heard’s lawyer Camille Vasquez has accused the star of saying.

As a result, both Lily-Rose and Jack have gotten a fair amount of criticism for remaining relatively quiet during the soap opera’s constant back-and-forths.

Lily-Rose Depp, Johnny Depp’s beloved daughter, turns 23!

On Monday, the actress and model took to Instagram to wish her followers a happy birthday with a series of images. Lily-Rose wore a bright pink dress on her big day. The diva also wore a ribbon reading ‘Birthday Princess’ to complete her ensemble. Lily-Rose Depp celebrates her birthday on Sunday as she turns 23.


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Depp has a daughter with Vanessa Paradis, his ex-girlfriend of 14 years.

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She struggled with anorexia for years

As a child, Lily-Rose also suffered from anorexia. For the first time, she discussed her battle with anorexia in 2016. Asked in an interview about Instagram criticism, she revealed that she was bothered by the negative feedback she received about her looks.

Lily-Rose Depp, The Supermodel Daughter of Johnny Depp, Turns 23 Today! View Pictures

That breaks my heart since I was so young at the time and it was difficult to get out of that situation. Each and every one of us who has faced this condition knows just how tough it is to recover from. As she told Elle France, “I’ve been striving to acquire weight for a long time, and it’s something I’m really proud of.”

She was Chanel’s youngest worldwide ambassador

A few years after her 16th birthday, Lily-Rose became the face of Chanel’s Pearl eyewear collection. For Chanel’s newest millennial-targeted fragrance, Chanel No 5 L’Eau in 2016, she was chosen as its face. Chanel fashion presentations have become regular events for her, and she has been on the red carpet wearing their designs several times since then.


Lily-Rose Depp, The Supermodel Daughter of Johnny Depp, Turns 23 Today! View Pictures

As a result of her newfound celebrity, Johnny was a little concerned. “What’s happening to Lily-Rose is definitely something I didn’t anticipate to happen this early. Karl Lagerfeld, who recognized her mother when she was the same age, has taken her in, and when I see her with make-up and all that stuff, it’s really frightening, because she’s a very lovely girl, and it’s all going so fast,” he said in an interview with British media.

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She dropped out of high school

Since graduating from an elite Los Angeles prep school in 2016, Lily-Rose has been working as a professional actress and singer. There is no way for her to pursue acting as a career while still attending school and doing schoolwork, she admitted in an interview at the age of 16. No, they were happy with her.

Lily-Rose Depp, The Supermodel Daughter of Johnny Depp, Turns 23 Today! View Pictures

As a result, they’re unable to offer any insight into the situation. ” You understand what I mean? The idea of going to college has never occurred to me before. Just working and being self-sufficient has been what I’ve always craved in life. My motivation to continue working was nonexistent. A lot of literature and my own studies go into what I do,” she revealed to Vogue.

She considers herself to be a person who is sexually open-minded

For the first time in a while, Lily-Rose provoked an outcry when she declared herself sexually fluid on Instagram in 2015. While some took her statement as a declaration of her sexual orientation, she later explained, “I was literally doing it only to show that you don’t have to name your sexuality… Because of how it came over, I was immediately branded as gay. That’s not what I was attempting to convey. Of sure, there’s nothing wrong with it! In other words, I’m saying it makes no difference! The fact that I’m going out with someone is not anyone else’s concern, because I’m going out with whomever.

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Lily-Rose was the 9,958th person to participate in the iO Tillett Wright ad, which celebrated 10,000 Americans who identify as anything less than 100 percent straight, according to People. The project also featured fellow model Cara Delevingne and Heard’s stepmother at the time.

Lily-Rose Depp, The Supermodel Daughter of Johnny Depp, Turns 23 Today! View Pictures

According to Johnny Depp, his daughter is a complete joy to him. She’s got hundreds of fans on social media, and they were all stunned,” he told British reporters. But I’m not one of them. Because she tells me anything and isn’t scared to tell me anything, I was already aware of the situation. There is no doubt in my mind that we are inseparable.

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