Luke Bryan Defends Inviting Gov. Ron De Santis on Stage and Announces Hurricane Donations!

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When Luke Bryan, a country music musician and judge on “American Idol,” invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis onstage at his concert in Jacksonville on October 28, 2022, he stepped into a blaze of controversy.

Some fans were overjoyed to see Bryan alongside DeSantis, while others were so offended that they called for a boycott of Bryan’s music and “Idol.”

The uproar around the governor’s appearance has prompted a response from Bryan. When some of Luke Bryan’s liberal fans complained that he shouldn’t have invited Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on stage at a benefit event for Hurricane Ian victims, Bryan defended the move on Sunday.

Donation Announced by DeSantis and Luke Bryan in Wake of Hurricane Ian

luke bryan controversy

Nearing the end of his re-election campaign, DeSantis joined Bryan onstage at the beginning of his Jacksonville show to declare that he would be donating a “substantial portion” of the revenues to the Florida Disaster Fund, the state’s private fund responding to natural catastrophes.

This funding will assist areas hit by Hurricane Ian in September, such as Estero. The Washington Post reports that at least 89 people perished as a result of the damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

He addressed the gathering, “We’re going to have some fun and we’re going to raise some money tonight for the wonderful state of Florida,” as DeSantis went out on stage and threw campaign hats into the roaring crowd.

Bonnie Upright, a member of the audience, tweeted a video of the event, captioning it, “It’s deafening in here.”

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Before Bryan Continued, the Crowd Can Be Heard Yelling Their Approbation on Social Media Videos.

The state of Florida had to cope with the tremendous hurricane last month, and it’s not easy to deal with, and it’s impacted a lot of people,” DeSantis added. But I will say this: demonstrate to me a state that can repair its bridges in less than three days. You won’t be able to locate that if you ask me.

After making the announcement, Bryan joked that he had a present for the governor and presented him with a crimson Georgia Bulldogs jersey in honor of the upcoming annual college football rivalry between Florida and Georgia.

Buzz about Bryan’s unexpected visitor immediately traveled over Twitter. DeSantis’s backers were ecstatic, but there was a sizable group of admirers who were unhappy.

Many cited the governor’s most divisive actions, such as enacting a policy in early 2022 that was dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” measure by LGBTQ+ supporters because it banned the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s youngest kids in public schools.

Bryan Makes a Proclamation Via Twitter

luke bryan controversy

Bryan did not comment on the stormy situation until the afternoon of Sunday, October 30. The outcry had gotten so intense that Bryan felt compelled to make a formal statement on Twitter.

In the message, which was written in white against a black background, he said, “Governor Desantis is a very polarizing figure.”

But where I come from, if the governor asks to come and raise money and awareness for catastrophe victims, you do everything you can to assist them.

“I’ve stayed out of politics throughout my career,” Bryan elaborated.

“I knew people would talk about it,” he said, “but for me, the most important aspect was to Raise awareness, have a little fun between the GA and FL college fans, and perform what I enjoy on stage.”

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Reaction to Social Media

Some social media users were outraged by the DeSantis appearance, while others praised the first-term governor and country musician.

Users on Twitter expressed their distaste for Luke Bryan and other country music artists by writing things like “Another country musician I now cross off my list” and “And now I will never listen to Luke Bryan again.”

Another social media user said, “I don’t know who Luke Bryan is, but for me, the real star is Gov. DeSantis,” while another said, “That’s my kinda night!” in reference to another Luke Bryan song.

Christina Pushaw, a spokeswoman for DeSantis, brushed off criticism of her boss’s performance on stage.

Final Words:

Luke Bryan invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis onstage at his Jacksonville concert on October 28, 2022. Bryan won’t address the topic and encourages people to donate to Hurricane Ian’s recovery. This assistance will help hurricane-hit areas like Estero. The Washington Post claims that Hurricane Ian killed 89 people. Some social media users criticized DeSantis and the country artist, while others appreciated the appearance.

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