Mama June Secretly Marries Boyfriend Justin Stroud: Who Is Mama June’s New Boyfriend? Latest Updates in 2022

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Fans are curious about June “Mama June” Shannon’s new relationship, which she revealed ahead of Season 6 of Mama June: Road to Redemption. Mama June revealed her boyfriend’s identity and when viewers may expect to see him on the show in an exclusive interview with Distractify.
Despite the fact that many fans are critical of Mama June’s romantic relationships, we will meet her lover in Season 6.
Mama June has announced that she and her boyfriend have been married since our interview.
Mama June was previously engaged to Geno Doak, who also participated in the show, prior to Season 6. Mama June and Geno separated up because she was in recovery from drug addiction and Geno wasn’t.
Mama June has now been clean for 29 months and is ready to provide the world with a whole new Mama June!

Mama June Has a New Boyfriend. Who Is He?

Before the couple married, Mama June was dating Justin Stroud. She told Distractify that she met him, of all places, on TikTok. Mama June’s life has been on display for over 11 years, so finding a new boyfriend via social media makes it logical.

Mama June is content with the new man in her life, despite what the critics may think when they meet him on the show.

Mama June secretly marries boyfriend Justin Stroud

She revealed, “I met him on TikTok on someone’s live

.” “It’s been a whirlwind, to be sure. As you can see from the [show’s] teaser, the last year has been a whirlwind, and this season will be an emotional one. But, you know, he’s been incredible… he’s attempting to reassemble the bits of me. For the first time in 42 years, I’m genuinely learning who June Shannon is.”

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The Pair Met on Social Media.

Unfortunately, Justin’s Instagram account isn’t very active. Although he has a public profile, his biography exclusively highlights Mama June and her WeTV show. He has a couple of images with her, as well as other ones showcasing his fashionable watches and shoes.

He also has a few teaser videos for the next season of Mama June: Road to Redemption, and when one of his followers said, “Thank God she found you,” Justin responded, “Thank God I found her.”

Mama June secretly marries boyfriend Justin Stroud

Mama June confirmed the speculations about her and Justin getting married in a June 1, 2022, Instagram post to her followers. Mama June doesn’t have a boyfriend anymore, exactly. She is the wife of a man.

“It was very spurred of the moment,” she said, “but if you want to follow our love story, make sure you turn into Mama June from Not to Hot Road to Redemption every Friday night.”

In ‘Mama June: Road to Redemption,’ Season 6, Who Is Mama June’s New Husband?

The Season 6 trailer teases Mama June’s now-husband, and she revealed to Distractify when he will make his reality television debut. “Episode 3 or 4,” she revealed, referring to Justin.

Despite the fact that the season does not begin with Mama June’s new husband’s unveiling and does not revolve around the relationship, he is an integral aspect of the show. For now, at least.

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Mama June’s Affair with Geno Had a Negative Impact on Her Daughters’ Relationship.

In Season 2 of Mama June: From Not to Hot, before the show became Road to Redemption, Mama June revealed her last boyfriend, Geno. Things between them seemed to be going well for a while. Their relationship, though, started to show fissures over time.

Mama June’s daughters became estranged from their mother and Geno as a result of this. Mama June and Geno were arrested in 2019 after a domestic violence incident.

Mama June secretly marries boyfriend Justin Stroud

Geno and Mama June were arrested and charged with felony drug possession and drug paraphernalia shortly after. For them, it signaled the start of their demise. On the plus side, Mama June appears to have turned a new leaf as a result of this sad experience.

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Justin Stroud, Mama June’s Ex-Boyfriend, Is how Old? Age

As of 2022, Justin Stroud, Mama June’s boyfriend-turned-husband, is 34 years younger. In the meantime, his precise supply details are usually not available on the Internet.
Because he isn’t in the entertainment industry, the specifics of his personal life are kept out of the press. After wooing a reality TV figure named Mama June, he found himself in the spotlight.
Aside from that, any information about his childhood or his mother and father may be temporarily unavailable on the Internet. He made headlines after they met on TikTok and started dating.

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