How Matt Hancock Was Expelled from The Conservative Party and The Controversy that Followed!

One of the first celebrities to make fun of Matt Hancock on I’m A Celebrity… was Chris Moyles. In Australia, he launches his contentious campaign for jungle supremacy.

Tonight’s episode saw the Radio X DJ asking the Tory lawmaker, who is one of the show’s most contentious signings of all time, to recite a certain statement. When he first announced his intention to compete, the former Health Secretary sparked widespread debate.

After his remark, the politician quickly climbed to the top of many viewers’ lists of potential defendants in upcoming bucktucker cases. It’s possible, though, that Hancock, who reputedly earns £400,000 from the show, has legitimate reasons for sitting out certain rounds.

How’s Matt Hancock Doing as An MP Now?

matt hancock controversy

The Sun claims that Matt Hancock was expelled from the Conservative Party on November 1, 2022. Because of his participation in the ITV reality show, he has been disciplined by being removed from the Conservative Party but remaining in parliament as an MP but losing the privilege of using the party whip.

After discussing it with Matt Hancock, Chief Whip Simon Hart decided that the situation was serious enough to warrant an immediate suspension of the whip and made that announcement.

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A Better Question Might Be Why Matt Hancock Isn’t the Health Secretary Instead.

After CCTV footage of Hancock kissing and embracing his staffer Gina Goladangelo was revealed in The Sun in May 2021, he was compelled to quit as health secretary in June 2021. This was in direct breach of his own Covid-19 social distance requirements.

The host, Dec Donnely, made a joke about whether or not Matt was bringing his secretary while reading audience comments posted on Instagram live during the program. Laughably, I seriously doubt it.

They aren’t in camp, but they are in the bush doing something.

Can You Tell if Matt Hancock Has a Trench Foot by Looking at Him?

matt hancock controversy

While filming SAS: Who Dares Wins in October, Matt got trench foot – in fact, a lot of the group did, a source informed. Trench foot is a common condition among soldiers that causes tingling, discomfort, redness, and swelling in the feet and legs.

When a person spends a lot of time in a cold or damp environment, frostbite can develop because the blood supply to the foot is reduced and the body struggles to warm up the extremity.

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Hancock’s Party Has Expelled Him from Parliament.

His 15-year marriage to osteopath Martha Hoyer Millar, with whom he shares three children, ended after his affair with Coladangelo became public knowledge.

It has been speculated that Hancock was approached to participate in I’m a Celebrity throughout the year, but he declined each time until Rishi Sunak became prime minister following Liz Truss’s departure.

Hancock’s decision has been criticized by Sunak, whose spokesperson said, “The PM feels that during a trying time for the country, MPs should be working hard for their constituents in the House or in their constituencies.”

Final Words

1’m a Celebrity—Get Me Out of Here! viewers are ready for this year’s most divisive contender. After being promised £400,000, Matt Hancock will appear in ITV’s long-running reality show in 2022. The Conservative MP has been on TV a lot in recent years, but for bad reasons. During the pandemic, he was one of the most photographed people. The Tory lawmaker, one of the show’s most contentious signings, entered the jungle tonight and was asked to read a phrase by the Radio X DJ.

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