Michelle Keegan Before and After: Did She Undergo Any Plastic Surgery?


In addition to her appearances as Tina McIntyre on Coronation Street and Sergeant Georgie Lane in Our Girl, actress Michelle Elizabeth Keegan was born on June 3, 1987, in London, England. Her other roles include Tracy Shawcross in BBC One’s Ordinary Lies, Tina Moore in the biopic Tina and Bobby, and Erin Croft in the Sky Max comedy Brassic.

Michael Keegan and Jackie Turner gave birth to Keegan in Stockport. As a result of her 7 times great-grandfather, an Italian immigrant to Gibraltar from Genoa, she also has distant Italian ancestry. Her paternal great-grandmother married a British soldier stationed in Gibraltar, and the couple had children. When it comes to her father’s side, she is descended from an Irish family.

After graduating from the Manchester School of Acting, she attended St. Patrick’s RC High School in Eccles. At the Trafford Centre and Manchester Airport, she worked at Selfridges and as a check-in agent.

How much Botox or Filler does Michelle Keegan use?

In addition to being a body image icon anytime she steps out in a bikini, Michelle Keegan, the former fresh-faced young actress from Coronation Street, is now the face of Lipsy London, a popular fashion company she created with her own two hands.

michelle keegan before and after

Our eyes are constantly drawn to her fluctuating appearance, despite her status as one of the world’s most attractive women. It was only a matter of time before the rumours of Lip Fillers, Veneers, and Botox had to be addressed.

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In the words of Michelle Keegan

What she said to Star magazine about cosmetic surgery: “In the end, it doesn’t really bother me that much. ‘Have you or haven’t you?’ is a common refrain. But I’m the one in charge here. It’s my face. Whatever. It doesn’t matter if I have or not. When others speculate about it, I don’t bother to read about it.” The decision to have cosmetic surgery is a personal one, and many people choose to keep it private, but Michelle said, “I would say, never say never.”

‘Non-surgical procedures

Doc, you’re going to the stars. For the past year, the TV actress has reportedly spent an eye-watering £9k annually on non-surgical treatments to “keep” her beautiful features.

Even if the star has to shell out big bucks to visit his Harley Street clinic, the non-invasive procedures appear to be well worth it. In fact, she appears to be in better shape than ever before, despite her insistence that she has never undergone surgery.

According to Sunday Express’s S magazine in 2018, she said, “I adore the idea that people point out they think I’ve had a nose job.” “Although they believe I have new cheeks and chin, I don’t and don’t believe I will ever have new facial features if I’m being completely honest. The idea scares me.”

Dr Esho explained to new! Magazine: “When Michelle attended the facility, she had a combination of three treatments. She’s naturally blessed with beautiful skin, but she always takes care of it in the best possible way.”

HydraFacial costs £150, pHformula Vitamin C Skin Resurfacing costs £250, and Dermapen micro-needling costs £350 per session. For £9k a year, the doctor suggests that you get the treatments done monthly. This procedure is intended to heal the skin’s surface layers and leave it looking brighter, tighter, toned, and with pores that appear more polished, according to Dr Weissman.

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Make-up and hairstyles evolve

Michelle has experimented with a variety of make-up looks throughout the years, changing up her regimen almost every year or two. Instead of using heavy eye make-up as she did in her twenties (especially eyeshadow), she now favours fuller brows and slightly plumper lips for a more natural look.

michelle keegan before and after

As for her hair, the Our Girl actress has experimented with a variety of colours and lengths throughout the years, most recently sporting a short, more natural cut. It was in 2017 when Michelle decided to change her hair parting, opting instead for a sleek side do’.

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