Mr Beast Controversy: He Receives Criticism for A Recent Video on Youtube!

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Jimmy Donaldson, or MrBeast as he is most well known, is a popular American YouTuber who was born on May 7, 1998. People say he was the first to popularise videos on YouTube that feature elaborate and costly pranks. His primary channel, titled “MrBeast,” is the fifth most subscribed to on YouTube.


At the tender age of 13, Donaldson began uploading videos to YouTube under the name “MrBeast6000,” where he shared everything from Let’s Plays to “films assessing the wealth of other YouTubers.”

His “counting to 100,000” video from 2017 went viral, garnering tens of thousands of views in just a few days, and since then, most of his films have gained tens of millions of views, cementing his status as a YouTube sensation.

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MrBeast continues to push the boundaries of what can be done on YouTube, whether it be his version of Squid Games or his recreation of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. But after uploading his most recent video to YouTube, “I Didn’t Eat Food for 30 Days,” MrBeast has become the subject of much debate.

MrBeast, as the name implies, tried to go without food and drink water solely for 30 days. The inventor went without food for 14 days.

MrBeast explains his motivation for taking on this challenge in a posted comment underneath the video, adding that he did it for health reasons.

Because “Crohn’s sucks,” he stated, “I have Crohn’s disease” (essentially, my gut has plenty of inflammation), and he wanted to investigate if a vacation from meals would help lower inflammation. “I’m glad I did this challenge since it taught me a lot about how fasting might help me manage my inflammation.”

Though MrBeast has gained fame for his extreme challenge-style videos, his most recent upload to YouTube has been met with mixed reviews.

mr beast controversy

In the video’s comment section, viewers have been quick to applaud the uploader for his consistent output. Under the limits of the task, MrBeast found it challenging to continue working on numerous projects and producing his normal material while filming the video.

A devoted follower remarked, “He’s working on so many fronts at once. without even eating. My hat’s off to you, sir!

“Even going without food for a week is difficult, the fact that you survived for double that is wild,” one commenter put it. This demonstrates how much effort you put into your videos.

The Video’s Message Has Been Criticized by Some Viewers

Some viewers who are already battling with an eating disorder may be triggered by the creator’s promotion of fasting and starving in the video.

However, MrBeast omitted to add a trigger warning at the beginning of the video or in the description box, despite his repeated warnings that his followers should not attempt the challenge without medical supervision.

Despite MrBeast’s assertion that he participated in the challenge to raise awareness for Crohn’s disease, viewers have questioned the creator’s decision to constantly weigh himself in the clip. It has been claimed by several viewers online that the movie endorses fasting as a technique of disease management and hence encourages improper and dangerous approaches to weight loss.

A Twitter user named @barfgutz tweeted, “Mr beast full on starved himself for 14 days, monitored his enormous weight reduction, and posted it to his youtube, which has minors as the large majority of views.” Holy crap, what a moron.

The video “promotes body-checking and eating disorder culture to 100 million people,” as one observer put it. At the time of going to press, MrBeast has not responded to the criticism.

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Partnerships And Investments

Donaldson is a financial backer of the tech company Backbone, which has developed the Backbone One (a controller that makes cellphones seem more like Nintendo Switch controllers) and the Backbone app (content production and social tools app for its users).

Donaldson and the financial network Creative Juice introduced Juice Funds, a $2 million investment fund for creatives, in March 2021.

Donaldson invested heavily in and joined Current, a financial technology firm, as a partner in April of that year.

Within the same month, Donaldson faced criticism after several of his followers lost significant sums of money in a cryptocurrency scheme in which he had personally invested and advocated.

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