Nicole Nafziger Weight Loss: Explore 90-Day Fiancé Actress’s Weight Loss Transition!


Popular for her role in the American reality series “90 Day Fiancé,” Nicole Nafziger is also a successful businesswoman. She entered the world on that fateful day in Bradenton, Florida.

Nicole Nafziger’s father is named Tyler, and her mom’s name is Robblee. Ashley Nafziger is her sister’s name. Nicole recently tweeted about her efforts to lose weight and how much her dad motivated her. She has a deep, abiding affection for both of her parents, but her mother in particular.

Nicole Nafziger Before and After

The 90 Day Fiancé star’s attempt to slim down has been met with lukewarm support from viewers. You may remember Nafziger from season 4 of 90 Days Fiancé, where she starred with her personal trainer boyfriend, Azan Tefal.

Things got sticky, though, when her supporters started wondering why she was endorsing questionable weight-loss goods.

Nicole Nafziger, star of the TLC show 90 Days of Marriage, initially dropped 13 pounds before she began using diet pills. Some users became rather ill after taking them and reported her for it.

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There Have Been No Weight-Loss Updates Since 2020

Despite her desire to surprise 90 Day Fiancé viewers, Nicole hasn’t shared a weight reduction update or full-body photo of herself since early 2020. As a result, we can’t say for sure if she’s successful in her fitness endeavours. Yet, as evidenced by a tweet she made in January 2020, Nicole claims to be pleased with her accomplishments.

Though she no longer discusses her weight reduction or transformation, Nicole still promotes supplement goods on her page. This indicates that she has not seen any tangible effects, and her devotees will likely call her out on it soon.

Nicole Nafziger‘s weight reduction adventure ended informally when she stopped seeing results. Her supporters did not enjoy her promotion of a weight loss app that is rumoured to encourage detox tea that has dangerous side effects, especially because she was not losing weight herself.

In 2021, after Nicole advertised a “tasty supplement” meant to be consumed prior to exercise, her followers naturally wondered if she was actually using the product. or are they merely profiteering?”

People stopped believing in Nicole because it seemed like her weight loss efforts were just a ploy to maintain her social media following and popularity high so she could make money off of them by selling questionable products.


During the fourth season of ’90 Day Fiancé,’ which aired on TLC, she is believed to have travelled to Morocco for the first time to meet her future husband, Azan. Since she is so preoccupied with her outward appearance, this successful entrepreneur runs a cosmetics boutique.

She recently made headlines for sharing her weight reduction journey on TLC’s show alongside her fiance, Azan Tefou, and for announcing her plans to wed Azan before the holidays.

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Personal Life

Nicole recently became engaged to her long-time beau Azan Tefou (born in Morocco). The reality star has a kid from a previous relationship, and her name is May. May’s biological father’s identity, however, cannot be determined online.

Her fiance Azan allegedly had his K-1 visa to the United States denied. This is why Nicole went to Morocco for her wedding. However, while going through the motions, she messed up the paperwork. They were unable to finally get married.

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