Nikita Dragun Before and After Surgery: How Nikita Drangun Transformed Her?

Many models have plastic surgery to improve their appearance. Nikita Dragun, an American social media celebrity who became famous for posting beauty lessons, has undergone a number of operations. She’s now an Instagram sensation. She has around 3.6 million Instagram followers. She started her TikTok account in mid-2020 and has been well-known on the network. She got the Best in Beauty award after attracting a large number of admirers with her original videos and other collaborations. Nikita Dragun is now twenty-five years old.

Nikita knew she was transsexual when she was five years old. Then she matured into a woman. She’s now 24, and she’s a model on Instagram. As a result, she feels pleased with herself. Nikita Dragun’s cosmetic surgery enhanced her natural beauty. Find out everything you need to know about Nikita Dragun’s cosmetic surgery before and after here.

Is Nikita Dragun a Transgender Woman?

Nikita Dragun(Instagram)was born in Belgium. She attended Virginia high school. She is also of Vietnamese and Mexican ancestry. Then, as a teenager, she revealed herself to be a trans woman. She talked about her transition in several of her Youtube videos.

Dragun afterward relocated to Los Angeles. She went on to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to further her education. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Dragun first appeared on YouTube in February of 2013. She started getting a lot of branded deals after that. As a result, she started to take her social media job more seriously. Then, in 2015, she revealed that she was transsexual. Dragun Beauty, her makeup collection, was released in 2019. Transgender women will be the primary beneficiaries of her brand. Furthermore, the things she sells are vegan and cruelty-free.

Before her plastic surgery, Nikita Dragun looked like this.

After four years, Nikita revealed that her body had transformed. She now considers herself to be gorgeous as a result of her plastic surgery. She believes she has returned home after a long absence. Dragun’s transformation has been meticulously documented in his YouTube videos. She told everyone about every small change in her body. She’s trans now, and she’s proud of it. She is aware of her presence. She also stated that she and other transgender people need to be treated equally. That is why she has always been a strong supporter of the Trans community.

nikita dragun before and after surgery

“Have I had the surgery…” is the title of a YouTube video. Nikita talked about her hormone treatment and transition. She admitted to having a plastic surgery addiction. Hormone therapy was the most difficult aspect of her transformation. Her change in look has caused her to be critical of her own body. As a result, she began to conceal imperfections with cosmetic operations.

She has undergone surgery on her brow bone, nose, breast implants, jawbone, and other areas. She went through all of this in pain, but she did it because she wanted to be attractive. She was under a lot of pressure to grow up and become a woman. She didn’t feel assured till after the operation.

Nikita’s before and after images show how far you’ve progressed in your life. She has a lot of bandages on her face in the prior images. But now she’s stunning. She appears to be a woman from every viewpoint.

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Nikita Dragun Before and After Plastic Surgery

Nikita is now living the life she has always desired. On the other hand, she despises it when people bombard her with inquiries about her operation. She feels being a woman is wonderful since it takes a lot of courage to be a woman in our society. She praised the people in her life who had helped her after her transition.

nikita dragun before and after surgery

Her mother and father, in particular, have shown her gratitude for accepting her for who she is. They embraced her new situation and aided her in making the move. In March 2021, she frankly discussed her rhinoplasty surgery on her YouTube channel. This was her second nose job since she is still self-conscious about her appearance. Her Instagram account now features a lot of images of her, including before and after shots.

Relationships and Dating

Dragun shared a photo with an unknown man named Chase Stobbe in 2020. This sparked suspicions about the two meetings on social media. It happened following his Twitter spat with ex-boyfriend Michael Yerger.

nikita dragun before and after surgery

Dragun allegedly hired Michael Yerger to pose as her boyfriend. They gave the impression that they were dating. In 2019, their phony relationship came to an end. Nikita Dragun revealed that she ended her relationship with Yerger after he cheated on her. Yerger, on the other hand, claimed that their relationship was flawed from the start and that he didn’t feel devoted to her. He stated that the friendship aided in his rise to fame. Many individuals were taken aback by his response.

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Personal Experiences

Nikita Dragun was born in Brussels, Belgium, a Western European country of Belgium on January 31, 1996. As of 2022, she is 26 years old. Nikita has Mexican ancestry on her mother’s side and Vietnamese ancestry on her father’s side when it comes to her parents. The model was born and reared in a Christian family and is of American descent.

She grew up and came out as a transgender woman over time, and she spoke openly about it in her many YouTube videos. Nikita Dragun graduated from Virginia High School and afterward traveled to Los Angeles to complete her education. She was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California in 2014, where she received her business degree.

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Nikita Dragun began her career as a YouTuber in February of this year (2013). However, on December 29, 2015, she published her debut YouTube video, titled “I Am Transgender,” which rapidly went viral throughout the world. The video has since received over 3 million views on YouTube, and she has a large number of subscribers.

Nikita Dragun later added more famous makeup lessons and challenge videos to her YouTube channel, which today has over 3.60 million subscribers.

Nikita Dragun Youtube Account


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