Who is the mysterious brunette with ‘nose-bled’ Liam Payne at the afterparty?

Liam Payne got a nose bleed when returning home from a night out in the early hours of Monday morning.
The former One Direction singer, 28, was seen in pain as he left the Soccer Aid afterparty at the Nobu Hotel in London’s Shoreditch at 3 a.m., after being caught play-fighting with friends earlier in the night.
Liam was driving with a mysterious brunette in the back seat who kept her head down to avoid being seen.
Liam flirted with model Aliana Mawla, 24, just weeks after breaking up with fiancée Maya Henry, 21, and the excursion comes only a week after they split up.

The Pair Chose to End Their On-Again, Off-Again Relationship in May.

The pair chose to end their on-again, off-again relationship in May. They had called off their engagement in 2021, but barely two months later, they rekindled their love and we’re still going strong till this year.
Liam reportedly broke up with Maya in order to spend more time with his four-year-old son, Bear, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Cheryl, 39.
The former couple welcomed Bear in 2017 after a two-and-a-half-year relationship but divorced the next year.

The Following Is What Logan Paul Said on His Impaulsive Podcast.

On his Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul admitted that becoming a father at the tender age of 23 was difficult at first, but that it helped him regulate his crazy behavior.
The vocalist admitted that he would ‘listen to the nasty beastie in his head’ and would frequently utilize the hotel mini bar and trash his room during his time in the band.

 'nose-bled' Liam Payne at the afterparty

‘I’ve been f***ed up for a long time,’ he admitted. Whatever the awful beastie in my skull wants to tell me, and dealing with that aspect is challenging.
I’m happy with myself now that I’ve developed into the person I am. The most crucial question is, “What do you enjoy in life?” And I’m not sure because I chose to enjoy the mini bar in my hotel room while trashing it. ‘And with that, the story came to a close.’

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While in One Direction, He Battled Drug and Mental Health Issues.

Liam previously said that he struggled with drug and mental health issues throughout his time with One Direction, which he kept buried until last year.

The group was formed in 2010 on The X Factor by Liam, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik, and went on to become the world’s biggest boyband until their breakup in 2015.

 'nose-bled' Liam Payne at the afterparty

‘There were a few of photographs of me on a boat, all bloated out, and I call it my pills-and-booze face,’ Liam admitted, adding that he struggled to stay sober on tour.

‘I Used to Have a Ten-Fold Larger Face than I Do Now.’

‘I had a tenth of the size of my current face.’ The issue was that the only way to keep us secure was to lock us in our rooms, and who knew what was inside? The narrator remarks, “There’s a minibar.” As a result, I enjoyed an extended one-on-one party. ‘It was absurd, but it was the only way I could get my frustrations out.’

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Currently, This Is My Connection Pattern.

‘At this point, I’m more disappointed in myself than in anything else,’ he said.

This really upsets me. I’ve always found relationships to be difficult. And I’m conscious of my relationship tendencies at this point. ‘I’m just not very good at them, so I’ll have to work on myself before entrusting them to someone else.’

 'nose-bled' Liam Payne at the afterparty

Liam claimed to have been sober for one month at the time of his interview.
He recently admitted to drinking, revealing in May that he was under the effects of alcohol while hosting the Academy Awards.

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Why Had His Accent Entirely Changed in May?

Liam was forced to explain why his accent seemed to have completely changed when he was asked in May about the infamous Will Smith smack.
Liam blamed his strange Irish-American accent on “a lot of beer” in an interview with Good Morning Britain that went viral for all the wrong reasons.
He described himself as a “social chameleon,” claiming that his accent “evolved” depending on who he was with before adding that he is “great at accents.”
‘I take pride in my ability to do accents!’ In an Instagram Live video, Liam teased about his interview. At times, I just wish I could do things on my own.

 'nose-bled' Liam Payne at the afterparty

While his friends laughed in the background, the former One Direction star admitted to telling the host not to ask him any tough questions since he had a lot to drink.’

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‘I Had Asked a Query on Good Morning Britain,’ He Explained.

“Please don’t ask me too many questions because I’ve had a lot to drink and I’m under-educated about the Oscars,” he explained to the host of Good Morning Britain. “Ask me as many questions as you want,” I advised. The man immediately inquired, “What do you think of Will Smith?”

Imagine being put in that circumstance and knowing that you “can’t say anything wrong because it may offend someone,” so you do your best.
‘I’m sorry it came out in so many different accents!’ ‘I’m just sorry that came out in so many dialects!’ Liam remarked, adding that he has listened to his interview and stands by his statements, which had been criticized as ‘rambling.’ I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do the accent justice.’

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