Oli London Before and After: Following Plastic Surgery to Resemble Bts Vocalist, a White Influencer “Recognizes as Korean!”

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Oli London, a British Internet celebrity, musician, and actor, was born on 14 January 1990. They’re notorious for undergoing extensive cosmetic surgeries to emulate South Korean boy band BTS member Jimin’s appearance. And they’re famous for being “transracial,” or able to identify with people of different races.

They were born in England but after moving to South Korea in 2013 to teach English, they started taking an interest in the local culture. Critics have called London an offensive figure due to his racial change, which has made him a contentious figure.


London has made just cameo appearances on television, and those appearances have primarily focused on their surgical procedures. When they appeared in an episode of the 2018 Barcroft TV documentary series Hooked On The Seem, which detailed their operations to look like Jimin, they gained widespread media attention.

In 2019, they debuted in the K-pop scene with the single “Perfection,” a bilingual English-Korean track about the euphoria they had after undergoing surgery; the single was met with criticism from music critics for its excessive autotune.

London made their acting debut in the 2021 partially fictionalized short documentary film Gangnam Beauty, which premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. In the film, London played both themselves and a sculptor who is compelled to create fourteen different masks in order to appease the gods and save their village.

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Oli London Before and After

A white influencer from Britain who “identifies as Korean” after undergoing 18 surgeries to make him seem like a member of the K-pop band BTS. On Monday, they/them pronoun-using Oli London released a series of films from a hospital bed to document their ongoing efforts to look like Park Jimin.

You guys! I’ve completed the process and can now call myself a Korean. London declared in a video that they were “transracial” and “identify as Jimin,” adding, “I’ve transitioned.”

According to the freshly christened Jimin, “my culture,” “my native country,” and “exactly how I look now” all point to Korean identity. “I am overjoyed that I have finally finished my ensemble… The influencer, who had previously tweeted about getting work done on their lips to “look like JIMIN,” now claims to have “the eyes” and “have just had a brow lift, as well.”

“I seem to be imprisoned in the wrong body… But now that I’ve been Korean, I can be myself. Jimin said, “And I am so, so delighted.” After spending over $150,000 on 18 cosmetic procedures, they told the Daily Star, “For the first time in my life I feel beautiful.”

The influencer announced their “Oli Seoul” transformation, saying, “I’ve transitioned to a non-binary person—they/ them/ Korean/ Jimin.” Jimin, who claims to have been bullied “for my love of Jimin,” added, “If you didn’t know who I was, you’d just believe I was a Korean person.”

No one, they added, “would go through this much anguish, this much suffering” (18 surgeries in 8 years) for the sake of fame.

Although “a little puzzling for some individuals,” Jimin expressed hope that he could be an inspiration to others. And yet, “I’ve really suffered with identity issues, with who I am,” they claimed, and “anyone who has followed my path for the previous eight years” would know that.

The announcement did not win them many fans; those it did win were mostly sarcastic. ‘If he says that simply having surgery to make his eyes more slanted makes him Korean, then that is incredibly demeaning to Koreans like me,’ Kangmin Lee tweeted.

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Personal Life

Oli London has stated that despite being an atheist, they pray to a cardboard cutout of Jimin. They claim to respect all religions, despite their past criticism of Islamic teachings regarding women’s modesty. They believe all lives matter and back the anti-racist Black Lives Matter movement while also fighting for LGBT and women’s rights.

They used Twitter during 2021’s Pride Month to announce their gender nonconformity and utilize the singular pronoun. About midway through the year 2022, they revealed themselves to the world as a transgender lady.

Although They Are of British Origin, London Identifies as South Korean The world took notice of their racial change, which sparked a discussion about the comparative legitimacy of transracial and transgender identities.

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