Park Ji Min Before After: With Drastically Changed Looks, Did 15&’s Park Ji-Min Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Park Ji-min (born July 5, 1997) is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and television personality. She is best known as the winner of the first season of K-pop Star and a former member of the vocal duo 15& and the project group M.O.L.A. She also co-hosts the variety show After School Club.

Check Out 15&’s Jimin’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Park Ji-min, 15, published a selfie with dark lighting, a smile, and blonde hair on Instagram on June 13, 2018. Of course, such a position and hairstyle are nothing out of the usual, but what had netizens talking was her appearance, which is considerably different from the girl who won the first season of K-Pop Star.

park ji min before and after

Some suspect she had plastic surgery, while others believe it is the result of her dropping too much weight.

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Here are some responses to a Naver news article:

park ji min before and after

“Her eyes and nose have changed,” “I don’t think it’s just the weight loss,” she says. “I believe I’ve seen her a lot in Gangnam.” “I’m slow with these things, but I can tell her nose job -,-,” “I feel awful for her, TT.” She used to be so innocent and cute. She got work done everywhere… hul,” “I didn’t recognize her.”

A Solo Career

Park joined Arirang TV’s After School Club in July 2014 and has been the show’s longest-serving host, hosting alongside various co-hosts including Eric Nam and eaJ.

Park Jin-young announced her solo debut on March 31, 2015. On April 5, she released her debut single “Hopeless Love” under the name Jimin Park and made her stage debut before the finals of K-pop Star 4 on the same day. On May 19, 2015, production group Sweetune announced that Park and Eric Nam would release a duet called “Dream” for Charity Project. The song was released on May 28, 2015.

park ji min before and after

Park revealed a project group she had created with Seung-youn of UNIQ and rapper Nathan on August 14, 2015. Their group name was eventually revealed to be M.O.L.A (Make Our Life Awesome), and they released their first single “My Way” on August 20. On October 31, Jimin made her second recorded reappearance as a rapper with the release of their second song, “Trick or Treat.”

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Park released her first EP, 19 to 20, on August 23, 2016, with the lead single ‘Try.’ Park noted on Naver’s V-LIVE that 19 to 20 is about “her story” and hoped that her fans will be able to connect with her better and create a stronger bond with her first self-composed album.

Park released her second EP, Jiminxjamie, on September 4, 2018, in which she participated in the composition of the majority of the tunes. Park left JYP Entertainment on August 6, 2019, after her seven-year contract expired. On April 21, 2020, it was revealed that Park had signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea and would continue to promote as Jamie. Park made her debut appearance under her new agency Warner Music Korea on September 3, 2020, with the track “Numbers” featuring Changmo. Her second single, “Apollo 11,” featuring Jay Park, will be released on November 11, 2020. Park’s holiday song “5 Christmas Languages” will be published on December 8, 2020.

On September 15, 2021, Park released the digital song “No Numbers,” which featured Jimin. Park’s English digital single “Pity Party” was published on February 3, 2022.

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