Raphy Pina Net Worth: How Raphy Pina Person Become so Rich? Latest Update in 2022!

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Rafael was born on July 4th, 1978, on Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. He became interested in the music industry because of his father. Raphy has been in control of his company’s underground and reggaeton sections since he was a child. Rafa was arrested in 2012 on allegations of fraud and money laundering. He was sentenced to two years of supervised release in 2016 after pleading guilty to participating in a scheme to embezzle $4.1 million from the now-defunct Doral bank.

Raphy Pina’s Salary

When Raphy Pina, dubbed “Mr. SoldOut,” was held by the Internal Revenue Service in 2012 for alleged fraud and money laundering, he was believed to have a net worth of $10 million (before May 2021). Raphy is now President of Pina Records Urban Music Company, a Puerto Rican record company he founded in 1996. It is the most well-known and successful record label in reggaeton music. With a long history and roster of artists, Daddy Yankee, R.K.M & Ken-Y, Plan B, and, of course, Natti Natasha is now handled by the label (as of 2021). Natasha’s debut album, Iluminatti, was released on February 15, 2019, through Pina Records.


Rafael Antonio, Pina Nieves is Raphy Pina’s full name. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on July 4, 1978. He grew up in his hometown alongside his brother Victor Pina. Raphy was well-known in the music business as a child thanks to his father.

Rafael Pina, a music producer, was Raphy’s father, and Mia Pina, his mother. Raphy worked in the Hip-Hop sector and underground at his father’s music firm. Raphy, on the other hand, had his father’s image tattooed on his hand.

Raphy Pina began his career as a child with his father, a music producer. He has a lot of musical experience. In this competitive environment, it will not be difficult for him to become famous.

raphy pina net worth

Raphy Pina founded Pina Records in 1996, which employed numerous singers. RKM & Ken-Y, Natti Natasha, Daddy Yankee, and Plan B were recently managed by Pina Records.

Pina Records also released three DVDs, including Pina Records: Los Videos, La Conspiración, and Los Videos del Reggaetón 2. They had made a fortune from here.

Raphy Pina served as an executive producer for the documentary series Everybody Loves Nitti in 2020, according to IMDb. He also worked as a producer on the television show Bravas for eight episodes. He made $100,000 from this.

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How does Raphy Pina earn a living?

Raphy Pina makes the most of his money in his business. In any case, he has over a million fans on social media. Raphy gets an average of $10,000 from here.

Raphy Pina made a lot of money with his record label music company, which he founded with Sheldon Yellen, Bobbi Brown, and Leandro Rizzuto. According to our calculations, he made roughly $100,000.

Raphy made money from Facebook ads, donations, various forms of campaigns, and YouTube ad revenue. According to Social Blade, he recently launched a YouTube channel and has made an average of $1,000 every month.

raphy pina net worth

Raphy Pina and his girlfriend, Natti Natasha, started their own YouTube channel on March 7, 2021, to post daily vlogs and keep their followers up to speed on Pina Records news.

Raphy Pina also worked as an executive producer on the television show Bravas. He made $10,000 per episode from this.
Raphy Pina also helped numerous vocalists gain fame as the founder of Pina Records. He made $50,000 from this.

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Personal life

Carolina Aristizabal and Raphy Pina married in 2011. Mia, Rafael, and Antonio are their children. However, they decided to split up after reports surfaced that Raphy was having an affair with Natti Natasha. They got divorced and separated in 2019.

raphy pina net worth

Raphy is currently residing in Puerto Rico with his girlfriend Natti Natasha. She also has a new baby.

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Where is Raphy Pina now?

Raphy Pina is currently vlogging alongside his girlfriend, Nitti Natasha, on his YouTube channel. He was arrested for money laundering and sentenced to two years probation, according to Billboard. He was also fined $150,000.

Raphy Pina indicated that he would start a new chapter with his music company after his release from prison.

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