Released on a $3,700 bond, hours after R&B singer Jacquees’ Arrest

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The Atlanta-based R&B singer was arrested last week in connection to his supposed role in a restaurant fight in Georgia. Facing multiple charges including obstruction of law enforcement officers and battery.

Rodriguez Jacquees Broadnax, more known as, Jacquees, a popular R&B singer was arrested and charged with multiple allegations such as obstructing law enforcement officers after a heated fight at the Mall of Georgia with a female employee, in line with a statement from Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office. As reported by Fox News.

R&B singer faces multiple charges after a fight in Georgia


Authorities as well as witnesses, disclosed the events that took place, elaborating the fact that Jacquees was choking a female employee when a security personnel interfered with him. Luckily, two of the involved employees had no serious life-threatening injuries.

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On Friday morning, the R&B singer was brought into the county jail. Hours later he was released, paying bail worth $3,700. Following his release on bond, the R&B singer was posting pictures of himself with a bruise under his right eye.

Following his recent arrest, the R8B singer was also charged with multiple convictions in 2018 when he was clocked by police, driving 116 mph on Interstate 85. When inspected, he was seen to possess a controlled substance. 

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