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Who Is Ritu Arya Dating? Does She Date David Castaeda, a Co-Star in “The Umbrella Academy”?

ritu arya dating

Ritu Arya is a drummer and English actor who was born on September 17, 1988. She first rose to fame in the British soap series Doctors (2013–2017), where she portrayed Dr. Megan Sharma. For this role, she was nominated for a British Soap Award. Her portrayal of Flash in the Humans (2016–2018) television series brought her even more acclaim. She rose to fame by playing the lead role of Lila Pitts in the Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy (2020–present).


In the British soap opera Doctors, where she appeared from 2013 to 2017, Arya first gained fame for her recurrent part as psychiatrist Dr. Megan Sharma. She received a nomination for Best Newcomer at the 2017 British Soap Awards for her performance. She made a special appearance in the 2014 season of Sherlock, and from 2016 to 2018, she played the robot Flash in the series Humans.

Ritu Arya had a key role in the commercially successful 2019 film Last Christmas as Jenna, and in the Netflix series Feel Good in 2020, she played the recurring character Lava. She made a guest appearance in Doctor Who that same year. In what is regarded as her breakthrough performance, she played Lila Pitts in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy in 2020.

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The band KIN, of whom Arya is the drummer, debuted with the song “Sharing Light” in April 2020. “L.O.V.E,” their follow-up song, made its debut on August 6, 2020. Arya co-starred in Red Notice on Netflix in 2021.

Are The Umbrella Academy actors David Castaeda and Ritu Arya in a relationship?

While we wait for the third season of the Netflix series to premiere, numerous questions concerning the actress who plays Lila have been raised. People are interested in Ritu Arya’s most recent partnerships. Of course, you can count on us to do more research. Following is a summary of Ritu Arya’s romantic partnerships.

Ritu appears to be a bachelor. She is a highly private person who rarely shares information about her personal life online. You won’t uncover any hints about who she might be dating if you browse her social media sites.

Ritu and David Castaeda aren’t a pair. Since season 2, there have been rumors that they are dating, but none of them have addressed the matter or refuted anything in public. They appear to be nothing more than friends and fellow actors. It is only natural for many people to start wondering about their relationship status given how well they get along both on and off-screen. That is all there is, though. Ritu and David click due to their close friendship and complementary acting abilities. So long as Ritu or David don’t confirm their relationship, we will have to presume that they aren’t dating.

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Are David Castaeda and Ritu Arya real lovers or just friends?

The fact that Castaeda and Arya were frequently photographed together shows that The Umbrella Academy viewers have come to assume that they are in love and dating in real life.

The couple, together with their friends and family, was reportedly seen together in 2020. Additionally, Instagram users have noticed Arya and Castaeda uploading pictures together. On August 10, 2020, Castaeda posted a nice picture of himself and Arya on Instagram with the caption “Diego & Lila.”

Despite the fact that this picture does not demonstrate their relationship, the manner the two have been talking to and about one another, since season two began, has given rise to this assumption. On August 10, Arya spoke about how much she loved working with Castaeda in an interview with Vulture. He brings so much to the table when we collaborate, she said. She also added that in order to accurately portray the roles and capture the chemistry, spending time with your co-actor is crucial.

Arya added that they would spend a lot of time together on the sets aside from performing, and I thought it was incredibly lovely. Despite this, Castaeda and Arya haven’t revealed anything about their relationship or publicly acknowledged it, which has left many fans perplexed.

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