Shell Bobbers Net Worth: After Shark Tank, What Happened to The Shell Bobbers?


Shell Boobers was founded by Jeff and Dusty, childhood buddies. Fishing and hunting are two of their favorite activities, which they have done since they were teenagers. They came up with the notion of turning empty shells into a business model one day when they noticed them floating.

Because hunting and fishing are significant businesses with a lot of money to be made, the two are confident that they’ve found a winner that will last a long time on the market.

What Did You Think of The Shell Boobers’ Shark Tank Pitch?

Shell Boobers came to the show looking for $80,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company. During the pitch, they demonstrated the entire boober formation and concluded with a humorous quip, “which shark wants to be on his hook or which shark wants to be headshot?”

Kevin O’Leary offered $80,000 in exchange for a 50% stake in the company and a royalty of 50 cents per share until his investment was repaid. This business was not a legitimate business for Robert and Daymond, therefore they left. Lori Greiner was quite interested, but she had to leave since she was scared to make any kind of offer.

shell bobbers net worth

Only Mark Cuban remained in the tank, offering $80,000 in exchange for a third of the company. After a brief conversation, the two agreed to the arrangement, to which Daymond said, “This is a horrible bargain.” Mark confronted him by claiming that he didn’t have a vision.

Shell Bobber’s Net Worth

Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway, two Texas entrepreneurs, came up with the idea for Shell Bobbers, which are fishing bobbers made out of empty shotgun shells. It’s filled with floatable material to keep the shells or bobbers upright in the water while firing. They pitched their business on Season 4 of Shark Tank and were offered $80,000 in exchange for a 33 percent ownership in the company by billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

Shell Bobbers Shark Tank Episode 22 Recap – Season 4 Episode 22 Summary Accepted an offer of $80,000 for a 33 percent ownership in Shark Mark Cuban’s currently bankrupt enterprise.

What’s the Status of The Shell Bobbers?

They pitched their business on Season 4 of Shark Tank and were offered $80,000 in exchange for a 33 percent ownership in the company by billionaire investor Mark Cuban. Shell Bobbers is now marketed as Fishing Ammo, and it has received celebrity endorsements from anglers like Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson.

Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway of the Shell Bobbers bring their fishing-related products into the Shark Tank to present to the panel of sharks in episode 422.

This is a product that you should not miss out on if you are a hunter or fisherman who enjoys both hunting and fishing. What could possibly entice you to pass up a product that combines two of your favorite outdoor pastimes into one convenient package?

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Recap of Shark Tank’s Shell Bobbers

Jeff and Dusty ask for $80,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in their company on Shark Tank. They have only sold approximately a thousand dollars of their product, but their prototype has piqued the interest of outdoor retailers. They believe they have a winner because hunting and fishing are multibillion-dollar businesses.

Mr. Wonderful offers $80,000 for half of the company, with a 50-cent-per-unit royalty until he recoups his investment, after which the royalty drops to 10 cents per unit in perpetuity. Dusty and Jeff both say no. Robert leaves because he does not believe the men have a legitimate business. Robert is trailed by Daymond. Lori is curious but cautious.

shell bobbers net worth

Mark tells the lads they made the right decision not to go with Mr. Wonderful and offers them $80,000 for a third of the company. Lori hasn’t come out yet, but Mark is desperate for an answer. Mark’s proposition is taken up by Jeff and Dusty. Daymond believes the agreement is a bad one, but Mark believes Daymond lacks vision.

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Shell Boobers at A Glance:

BUSINESS IdeaShotgun Shell Fishing Bobbers for fishing
ENTREPRENEURJeff Stafford And Dusty Holloway
ASKED FOR$80,000 For 20%
ACCEPTED OFFER$80,000 For 33%
SHARKMark Cuban

Shark Tank Update: Shell Bobbers

On Amazon, Shell Bobbers are selling fast. Jeff and Dusty appear in an update section in season 5, episode 509 on October 25, 2013, after the deal with Mark was completed. Shell Bobbers are planning to open 3,000 7-11 locations and are in talks with Walmart. Dusty’s garage is where the business is run, and they’ve moved twice since the show first aired to keep up with demand for merchandise.

The new facilities, together with their staff and machines, are shown in the update portion. They express their pride in the fact that their product is manufactured in the United States. They didn’t make much money before the show. Their appearance on Shark Tank catapulted them into 7-11 stores throughout the country and, eventually, Walmart. Sales for the year are expected to exceed $1 million. “It’s all thanks to Shark Tank,” they claim of their success.

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