Slow Horses Season 1 Ending Explained: How Did Hassan End up Here?

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‘Slow Horses’, a spy thriller series on Apple TV, features a squad of MI5 snubs who find themselves in the heart of a hostage scenario with a deadly backstory after being shunted to administrative labour.

In the first season, the plot is compelling and the script is British enough to sell the show. Aside from Gary Oldman’s endearing performance as Slough House team leader, “Slow Horses” makes for an easy recommendation for fans of its genre.

The Finale of Season 1 of Slow Horses

Jackson and River are sent free by the MI5 after successfully extorting some damaging evidence from Diana Taverner. The head of MI5 approaches Peter Judd, a right-wing politician, and threatens to expose his various affairs and ties to unethical organizations. Hassan Ahmed’s kidnappers are Peter’s only reward for keeping quiet.

slow horses sesaon 1 recap

After Zeppo’s death in episode 5, only Curly and Larry remain to carry out Hassan’s murder and record it at a hidden location. When Larry arrives, he assists Hassan in escaping and then drives away, leaving Curly behind in the van. The kidnappers’ automobile has been monitored by the MI5 and they will shortly find and kill Larry on the spot. Curly, on the other hand, locate Hassan and kidnaps him once more.

The Slow Horses arrive near Curly and Hassan’s position after following Roddy’s intel from the hacked MI5 systems, and River eventually locates the kidnapper and his prisoner. Hassan knocks River unconscious while Curly tries to defend himself. In an attempt to “nicely tie up” the whole operation, the MI5 agents next try to assassinate Curly, but they are prevented by River, Min, and Louisa.

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Is Hassan Ahmed Dead or Alive at the end of Season 1 of Slow Horses?

Once Diana Taverner and her boss, Ingrid Tearney, have recovered Hassan Ahmed, they can begin to clear their names and hide where they’ve been. To Diana’s horror, the MI5 demands that she destroy all evidence linking them to Alan Black. Jackson Lamb gets back his personal file on Catherine Standish from Diana, but the Slow Horses aren’t given any credit for saving Hassan.

We learn a lot about Jackson Lamb and Catherine Standish in the final episode of season one of “Slow Horses.” It’s possible that there’s a relationship between Jackson and Catherine, the late spouse of Diana’s late husband, Charles. Toward the end of the episode, it is revealed that Jackson killed Catherine’s husband and made it appear as though he had taken his own life.

slow horses season 1 ending

Let’s take a look at the fundamental mystery, despite the many twists and turns that the season 1 finale throws at us. In the end, River Cartwright and the Slow Horses rescue Hassan Ahmed from his kidnapper and he survives the ordeal. Curly comes dangerously near to killing the young student, but he is stopped just in time. He then has to overcome the impulse to kill Curly, which he finally does not.

The MI5 is keeping a careful check on Hassan, but he is safe. One of the few persons who know about MI5 agent Alan Black’s role in the kidnapping is the previous kidnapping victim. As a result, Diana needs Hassan to keep his mouth shut at all times. His academic debts have been erased, and his comedy club has received a hidden grant from MI5 as well. There is no indication that Hassan wants to get involved in a CIA conspiracy from his brief news appearance.

Is Diana Taverner still alive?

When the Slow Horses beat her to Hassan’s location, Diana Taverner’s plans fall apart. Instead of getting to the hostage first, she misses a golden opportunity to murder Curly and end his life forever. If Diana ever found out that an MI5 agent was involved in the kidnapping, it would be very difficult for her to go on with her life.

Diana, on the other hand, emerges victorious, and she and her supervisor, Ingrid Tearney, are given credit for saving Hassan. However, she must keep her relationship with Alan Black a secret. To preserve Jackson Lamb’s silence, she must also hand over Catherine Standish’s personal file.

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What’s the Deal with Jackson Lamb and Catherine Standish?

Jackson Lamb and Catherine Standish’s intriguing prior connection is revealed in the season-ending episode. Even though Jackson is hiding a lot from the latter, he finally admits to supplying the gun that Charles, Catherine’s husband, used to kill himself when confronted. Despite Catherine’s disbelief, the truth appears to be stranger than she could have ever imagined.

slow horses season 1

The season conclusion reveals that Charles Partner was slain by Jackson. David Cartwright, River’s grandfather, appears to be engaged in the murder as well. However, it is not clear what their motives are. In spite of this, it is clear from their demeanor that killing Charles is not part of any formal MI5 operation. Jackson, on the other hand, is desperate to keep the murder a secret, so he lies to Catherine about it. Jackson Lamb’s great secret appears to be the murder of Charles Partner, and it’s possible that’s why he’s at Slough House.

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