Social Repose Controversy: He’s Been Hauled Out For Violating a Lot Jacquelineglen!

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An American singer and YouTube star, Richard Mclean Giese (born February 9, 1990) go by the stage name Social Repose.

Beginning in April 2011, Richie Giese published original music on his YouTube account Social Repose. After that, he started uploading vlogs, cover songs, comedy sketches, and more.

Over time, in addition to uploading his original music, he started uploading covers in the manner of the barbershop quartet, loop covers, and amusing musical content.

Videos of him singing while inhaling helium or performing songs in various genres, or even composing songs out of the Tweets of other YouTubers, may be found on his channel as well.

In addition to his “Goth responds” films, Social Repose frequently posts strange artistic videos that he creates. Today, he has more than a million people subscribed to his channel on YouTube.

Scandal Surrounding Reputation on The Social Repose

He has been criticized for cheating on jacquelineglen and his response to the situation, especially how he allegedly “warned” Jacqueline and how he focused less on apologizing to Jacqueline and more on how public the situation was and how it will affect upcoming content, as evidenced by the dying to “watch your channel.”

social repose controversy

He has used his access to others for sexual gratification. His behavior is consistent with that of a serial cheater. He has learned to manipulate women in order to keep himself in these unhealthy relationships. His YouTube channel has recently lost viewers and gained a reputation.

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Social Repose and Jacqueline Glenn

She linked up with the electronic dance-pop performer Social Repose in 2016. (also known as Richie Gise). Jacqueline Glenn and Social Repose got married in Sin City.

In the month of November of 2016, Jacqueline Glenn enjoyed some social downtime. put up a wedding video online. Social Repose and Jacqueline Glenn’s collaboration terminated that year.

The Profession in The Arts

In 2016, Social Repose dropped a single called “Filthy Pride” before he placed it on his Empress EP. The rest of the EP was based on this one song; he believed the concept needed to be explored further. As with Yalta, he wanted Empress to have a gloomy, moody vibe. The second track on the EP was titled “Villain,” and he released a music video for it.

The band Social Repose set out on the Empress Tour, playing dates in the south and midwest of the United States. The Hotel Books and the Last Portrait provided context. The tour continued with One-Eye Doll to the United Kingdom and Europe.

In 2018, Billie Eilish viewed Social Repose’s cover of “You Should See Me in a Crown” on Glamour magazine’s YouTube channel. She praised his skills and said the video was excellent.

On March 26, 2020, Social Repose dropped their album Calamity.

The Monetary Value of Social Repose

Founded and operated by Richie Giese, Social Repose is a popular channel on the video-sharing platform. His music falls under the genre of electronic dance pop.

It is estimated that he is worth around $240,000. He originally intended the channel to be a musical outlet. He uploads music videos, sit-down interviews, response clips, cover songs, and more to the channel.

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Social Repose is a musician who, before 2015, released his own emo-electronic and synth-pop music on platforms like YouTube and Bandcamp.

In 2015, Social Repose released its first full-length album titled Yalta. This album was a “transitional record” for Giese since it marked the beginning of a stylistic departure from his previous output.

The music on this album has been described as “Alternative” or “Indie,” and it has been compared to the work of artists like Owl City and Panic! at the Disco. “a carefully written proclamation of inner strength and self-confidence and individualism,” as one critic put it, best describes Yalta.

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