Stassie Before and After: Kylie Jenner’s Best Friend, Has Spoken up About Her Plastic Surgery

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Anastasia Karanikolaou, also known as Stassie Baby, is a YouTuber, Tik Tok Star, Model, Influencer, Lip Sync Artist, and Dancer.

Stassiebaby, Anastasia Karanikolaou, isn’t afraid to talk about plastic surgery with Kylie Jenner‘s longtime best friend. Despite the fact that it took her years to admit she had lip fillers, Stassie has always been forthright about her cosmetic surgery.

Stassie Tells About Her Plastic Surgery

stassie before and after

She used Instagram to bring her fans up to speed on her 2017 breast surgery, which was performed by Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. I’m very delighted to have met with @drghavami to talk about something I’ve been thinking about for a long time! “Stay tuned for more,” he captioned a shot of her at his desk. Stassie went in for a consultation to find out what could be done because one of her breasts was nearly a full cup size larger than the other.

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In a February 2017 Harper’s Bazaar interview, the influencer remarked, “When I was younger, I had the nicest, perkiest boobs.” “I’d heard that wearing an underwire bra might make your breasts droop.” Because my boobs were so appealing, I never wore a bra. I eventually found out that whoever told me it was completely wrong.” She couldn’t wear certain clothing during photo shoots, which harmed her career.

She went forward with the treatment despite not having any implants in her breasts. “I was really open to sharing; plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of,” Stassie explained. Plastic surgery is frequently misunderstood as primarily being performed to boost self-esteem. This is absolutely not the case.” “You’re so insecure, you’re so insecure,” I said in my comments, and this is the exact opposite message I was trying to send. If I had been confident, I wouldn’t have displayed my insecurity.”

That’s why I did it: “I wanted people to know that there’s nothing embarrassing about it, that it’s a very prevalent problem among females, and that there are things you can do to help.”

Stassie revealed she will undergo another breast operation in October of last year. “I’m going to have my implants corrected next Thursday,” she said in a YouTube video. “The ones I have right now are giving me trouble.” My guess is that it is, regardless of whether it has bottomed out or not. “It looks as if it doesn’t belong.”

It’s unclear if she kept her natural appearance after revealing that she had dissolved her lip filler in April 2020.

She opened up about her usage of lip filler and breast implants a few years later, in the year 2022. She was also asked if she had any regrets regarding the surgeries she’d undergone.

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Stassie Karanikolaou’s before and after images


stassie before and after

Her style was a little edgier at the time, similar to Kylie’s.


Some fans have speculated that Stassie had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), although she has never confirmed or denied this.


stassie before and after

In recent years, Stassie has gone from blonde to brunette on a regular basis.


According to her Instagram, she maintains her curves by eating properly and going to the gym frequently (particularly with Kylie!).

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In April 2022, Stassie appeared on an episode of Call Her Daddy and discussed her plastic surgery. She made it apparent before we started talking that she “did it for herself” and didn’t change her body to look like someone else. “I wanted to feel better about my titties, so I did them, and other things as well!” she exclaimed. After explaining that lip filler removes the color in people’s lips, the influencer also admitted to getting her lips tattooed the day before the interview.

“I’d say I’ve done things that I didn’t enjoy but didn’t regret because they were fixable,” she added.

Stassie admitted that she just has boob implants when asked the big question of whether she ever received butt implants. “And I’m not saying I haven’t done other things or moved other stuff around,” she added, laughing.

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