Steven Bartlett Net Worth: A Closer Look Into His Personal Life, Career and More Updates in 2022

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Steven Bartlett is the most recent investor to join the Dragon’s Den cast. He is a well-known entrepreneur who founded Social Chain and hosts The Diary of a CEO on his podcast. British television viewers are interested in Bartlett’s wealth as the newest Dragon. Steven Bartlett’s net worth is estimated to be £50 million by the year 2022.


On August 26, 1992, Steven( official Instagram )was born. His parents moved to Plymouth, England, when he was two years old, and he was born in Botswana, Africa. He spent much of his childhood in this town.

At Manchester Metropolitan University, he took a business class. He started his first business while he was still in college. In 2013, Bartlett launched the Wallpark program.

steven bartlett net worth

It was an online community that brought together kids from the same area who shared common interests. Users can post ads and sell things on Ballpark. Steven dropped out of school not long after making his program.

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Steven Bartlett Is a Fictional Character.

At Barely 29 Years Old, Steven Is the Youngest Dragon.
Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfillment, Love, and Success is the title of a book written by the Mancunian.
Steven stepped out of college to start The Social Chain and Media Chain, which he started when he was 22 years old.
He took the company public five years later, and in 2021, he announced the formation of two new businesses: Thirdweb and Flight Story.

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A Career in Business

Steven met Dominic McGregor, a business associate, after graduating from college. In 2014, the two formed Social Chain, a digital media company.

With a combined reach of more than 200 million millennials across many platforms, it soon surged to become Europe’s fastest-growing social media firm. Clients including the BBC, McDonald’s, and Apple were also attracted to Social Chain.

steven bartlett net worth

Bartlett founded the company at the age of 22 and took it public when he was 27. The property is currently worth £300 million. However, in 2020, he quit the company to start Catena Capital, an investing firm. In addition, he founded Flight Story, a talent platform.

Job Opportunities in The Media

Steven Bartlett began the ‘The Diary of a CEO’ podcast in 2017 while still serving as CEO of Social Chain. It was Europe’s most popular business podcast four years later. Matt Hancock, Liam Payne, and Jordan Peterson are among the celebrities interviewed in the film.

Steven made his TV debut in 2019 in Channel 4’s The Secret Teacher, in which he played an undercover role. He joined BBC’s Dragon’s Den in the year 2021. He joined the show in its 19th season as the show’s youngest Dragon, at the age of 28.

steven bartlett net worth

In 2021, he became a published author. ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire: Unexpected Truths about Fulfillment, Love, and Success’ is the title of his book. Later on, the book was a Sunday Times best-seller.

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Earnings & Net Worth

Many institutions acknowledged Bartlett’s accomplishments. His companies grew to be multi-billion-dollar businesses. His investment in Huel, a food company, also helped him make Forbes’ list of 30 Under 30.

His podcast alone brought him $1.2 million in 2021. In the following years, this number is expected to double. The podcast has 237,000 subscribers on YouTube. Steven’s earnings as a Dragon are likewise likely to be substantial. As a result, his net worth has risen to £50 million.

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Is He Married, and If So, Do You Know if He Has Any Kids?

Bartlett does not appear to be married, but he does not appear to be childless.
The television personality prefers to keep his personal life private and away from the public eye.

steven bartlett net worth
Although his girlfriend’s identity is unknown, he has referenced “his girlfriend” on his wildly successful Diary of a CEO podcast several times.
In a recent interview with writer Jay Shetty, Steven revealed that his partner had encouraged him to try meditation as a way to stay calm.

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