Sza Before and After: Observe Her Significant Transformation

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Solange Imani Rowe (born November 8, 1989), better known by her stage name SZA, is an American R&B singer and songwriter from New York City. Before signing with the hip-hop label Top Dawg Entertainment, where she released her third EP and first commercial release, Z (2014), she published two extended plays in the early 2010s before moving to St. Louis to begin recording music. She also co-wrote Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” in 2013. On Rihanna’s 2016 single “Consideration,” she was featured.


SZA’s debut studio album, Ctrl (2017), was widely praised by music critics when it was released in May 2017. As a result of its debut position on the US Billboard 200, the Recording Industry Association of America awarded it a double platinum certification (RIAA). In addition to being nominated for Best New Artist at the 60th Grammy Awards, the album received four nominations. In 2020, Rolling Stone included it in their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Maroon 5’s “What Lovers Do” became a Top 10 smash in August 2017. As part of the Black Panther soundtrack, she collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on the top 10 single “All The Stars,” which won her a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.

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Is SZA responding to the surgery rumour?

She has never publicly addressed these claims but fans are intrigued by the fact that she erased photographs that were used to support the theory that she had surgery. An image of her being recognized by the City of Hope in 2018 implied she had a nose operation, for instance.

She’d written this as the picture’s caption: “So grateful to have been a guest at City of Hope. Thank you for the recognition at such an important event as cancer research.” In the end, however, she decided to delete it after it was used to speculate about her operation by fans and media.

sza before and after

Although she’s kept her lips shut regarding the possibility of plastic surgery, she’s been pretty open about her weight reduction metamorphosis. She told Dove’s Launch of Girl Collective in 2018 that she’s always felt confident in her own self.

You have to start from the beginning in your imagination, she added. “I believe there are many norms that others have mentioned to me but that I have yet to observe. I weighed 190 pounds when I began; I wore my dad’s large t-shirts and socks on stage, no shoes, and didn’t even notice; I never grumbled or tripped about my makeup.”

The singer also spoke about how she’s changed

Sza had this to say: “In the end, it was just a matter of where I was mentally, but I did emerge from that state of mind where I felt compelled to make a shift. I want to stand apart. I aspire to progress and expand my horizons. I’m here to gain knowledge. There is a fine line between being at ease and not being aware of your full potential and picture. If the standard is to be upheld, it must originate from inside.”

As of right now, we don’t know for sure if the singer has had any work done, but it sounds like she’s comfortable and secure with her appearance. In the end, this is what everything comes down to! We’re content as long as she is.

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Body Positivity

Although SZA has never stated whether or not she had plastic surgery, she has been upfront about her weight loss struggle. Her views on body positivity have evolved over the years as she discussed the topic with Shonda Rhimes, Jazz Jennings, and body-positive campaigner Alexandra Airene in 2018.

Later, SZA went on to say that her thoughts on the subject have evolved. Upon the release of her platinum-certified record in 2017, she began dressing differently and modifying her signature appearance.

Even though some of her most ardent supporters questioned and criticized her new look, she said she was undeterred. “I’m tempted to modify myself. I want to stand apart. I aspire to progress and expand my horizons. I’d like to learn… If the standard is to be upheld, it must originate from inside.” That which everyone was noticing was merely a reflection of the inner shift SZA was still going through.

If you recall, in 2017, SZA came to the defense of Kendrick Lamar when his song “Humble,” which features lyrics about his stretch marks, was widely panned. However, SZA stated that the song was soothing to her because it promoted a healthy body image.

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