The 5 Most Controversial Times Chris Brown Has Ever Had!


Chris Brown has been accused of assaulting and threatening women for over a decade. The sins of his past still haunt Brown. He is one of the most famous people in the world and has sold more records than any other male artist in history.

Brown has obvious musical ability; he was even once compared to Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, he also has a propensity for getting himself into trouble.

The successes he has made in life sometimes be overshadowed by his bad boy antics. Read on for a rundown of some of Chris Brown’s most divisive moments:

1. Injunction Issued Against Karrueche

chris brown controversy

When she refused to return the jewels Brown had given her throughout their relationship, he reacted violently. The star allegedly messaged her many times, threatening to have her blacklisted from all events, kill her, and beat the “sh*t” out of her.

We warned you that Breezy’s romance with Karrueche was poisonous, despite how adorable they appeared together. A restraining order barring the model and actress from having any contact with her ex-boyfriend was obtained.

Chris Brown hit back by posting the message “I want nothing to do with her” on Instagram. Do you really believe that I would continue to pursue or be with someone who seeks my demise? In other words, she doesn’t need me to issue a restraining order. They need to make me one.”

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2. Keeps an Endangered Animal

It seems like Chris Brown will never be free of controversy. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife looked into Brown after he tweeted a video of his three-year-old daughter, Royalty, playing with a Capuchin monkey.

The celebrity was fined $35,000 and forbidden from having any more primates after it was discovered that he was in possession of a restricted species without the proper permits. He was originally facing six months in jail for the violation.

3. Charged with Sexual Assault in Paris

chris brown controversy

A 24-year-old woman accused Chris Brown of rape in early 2019; the alleged incident took place at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The musician was arrested on “possible allegations of aggravated rape and drug offenses,” but he was eventually released without any formal charges being brought against him.

Brown responded on Instagram, saying, “This Bitch Lyin. Now, I want to be quite clear about something. This is a load of [CRAP] and totally untrue. NNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!! This goes against my values and character and I cannot do it to my daughter or my family.

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4. Charged for Punching a Female Victim

Another controversial incident involving Chris Brown included Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez, who claimed that Brown punched her in a Las Vegas hotel and then stole her phone.

Though Brown insists on his innocence, rumors suggest they made a $70,000 deal. Gutierrez has been “stating false charges,” according to the star’s attorney, and “her statements are completely wrong.”

5. Sexual Assault Accusation

chris brown controversy

Now, when you thought the singer had escaped the wrath of his detractors, Brown finds himself at the center of another controversy. The Grammy-winning musician was accused of drugging and raping a lady on a yacht in Florida at the beginning of 2022.

Brown allegedly offered the lady who “feared for her life and career” an alcoholic beverage, which rendered her “disoriented, physically unstable,” before he allegedly escorted her to a bedroom and raped her.

The singer responded to the criticism of his character on Instagram, writing, “I hope yall see this pattern. When I put out new music or a new project, “THEY” try to pull some serious bulls**t.

Very quickly, Breezy’s innocence was established when he disclosed text messages from his accuser exonerating him and confirming that their connection was mutually consensual.

She quickly dropped all charges against him, but Chris will sue his accuser for defamation if she ever says anything bad about him again.

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Final Words

The music industry never held Chris brown accountable for his years of abuse. Men didn’t speak up, but women who did were attacked. Brown has been accused of assaulting women for over a decade. Rihanna was his most high-profile ex-girlfriend. Karrueche Tran, Brown’s ex-girlfriend, got a restraining order after he allegedly threatened her. Brown was not convicted of threatening a lady with a gun in his home in 2016. Brown allegedly assaulted a woman at a bar and a party. Brown allegedly raped a woman in Paris in 2019. He was freed.

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