Travis Barker tattoos – The Meaning Behind Each Tattoo

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If you’ve never seen the “What’s My Age Again?” video or, for some reason, haven’t kept up with Blink-182’s brilliant drummer Travis Barker, just know that he’s quite into tattoos. And not merely in the manner in which many people like getting tattoos here and there: The 45-year-tattoos, old’s which cover almost 70% of his body, according to GQ, make a puzzling riddle right out a Dan Brown book. He also doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Barker has acquired new ink, and yes, Kourtney is involved, following his significant return to the cultural spotlight through his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian and his work as a producer for celebrities (such as Lil Nas X). Insights can be gleaned from Barker’s tattoos that are fascinating. In his memoir Can I Say, he stated, “They’re all recollections?” “I went through all of those events.” The most important Barker tattoos are listed below, even though we obviously can’t explain them all here (can anyone?).

“Can I Say”

This one should be very self-explanatory. It serves as both his personal slogan and the title of his 2015 autobiography. When writing the book, Barker doesn’t hold anything back, talking openly about his plane disaster, the time when Blink-182 was split up, and his drug and sex addiction. The dude has experienced a lot!

A Race Flag

The race flag design on Barker’s neck is one of his most noticeable and enduring tattoos. It stands for the year of his favorite Cadillac, he revealed in an interview, according to Body Art Guru (it’s a thing). Though we can’t prove it, we can state that it appears to be the case.

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Travis Barker tattoos

Barker has a huge “Cadillac” painted on the side of his body, so we know that brand is his preference. The drummer does indeed have a valued collection of Caddys.

Boombox-ed abs

Even without tattoos, Barker’s abdomen is stunning, but it’s difficult to miss the large boombox in the middle of it, which has a winged angelic figure appearing to rise above it. Over the years, the so-called “ghetto blaster” has grown to be recognized, and Barker claims to have witnessed a large number of followers copying it on their own bodies.


Barker wants you to know that he came from humble beginnings, so he has written “SELF” on one hand and “MADE” on the other using his fingers to show you this. Records sold by Blink-182 are proof that he is a success.

Family dedication

A large portion of Barker‘s torso sustained third-degree burns in the 2008 plane disaster. During the skin grafting procedure, he lost some tattoos, and he desired more. He then got tattoos of his family members right away. Which is actually rather comforting.

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Gas mask replacement

The gas mask on Barker’s head is a symbol for the punk ensemble the Transplants, which he joined as drummer in 2002.

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