Trisha Yearwood Weight Loss: An In-Depth Look at How the Singer Loses Weight!

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Singer, actor, writer, and TV host Patricia Lynn Yearwood was born in the United States on September 19, 1964. Her first single, 1991’s “She’s in Love with the Boy,” topped the Billboard country singles list and propelled her to stardom.


The debut album of the same name would go on to sell over two million copies. In the early and mid-1990s, Yearwood released a string of top-charting country singles, such as “Walkaway Joe” (1992), “The Song Remembers When” (1993), “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl)” (1994), and “Believe Me Baby (I Lied)” (1996). (1996).

In 1997, Yearwood released the internationally successful and chart-topping country single “How Do I Live.” It was included on her debut album of greatest hits, titled simply Songbook (1997).

Songs like “In Another’s Eyes” and “Perfect Love” helped the album achieve quadruple-platinum status in the United States. Over the next few years, Yearwood enjoyed commercial success with songs like “There Goes My Baby” and “I Would’ve Loved You Anyway.”

She released her ninth studio record Jasper County in 2005, which debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums list and in the top ten of the Billboard 200.

She would break her own record for album sales in the US with this one. In 2007, after releasing the critically praised Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love, Yearwood signed with Big Machine Records.

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Shedding Pounds

In the past, Trisha Yearwood has dieted. The 48-year-old country artist lost 30 pounds in a short period of time. Her mystery? She’s working out and eating according to her own personal plan.

“I devised my own regimen that’s low-fat, low-sugar 90 percent of the time,” the singer told People magazine.

She indulges in unhealthy meals the rest of the time but makes up for it by going to Zumba the next day. She told the publication, “I have a strength I never had before.” “I have unlimited potential.”

trisha yearwood weight loss

Yearwood said she’s happy to have found a regimen that works for her after going from a “tight size 14” to a “comfortable size 10.”

“Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever not tried at least one diet. She confessed, “I am the girl who buys every magazine in which someone has lost 30 pounds.”

But she has learned the secret to losing weight. For some reason, I didn’t want to hear that it was just a lot of hard work.

Yearwood is not only successful in the country music industry, but she also runs a food show called “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen” on the Food Network. Country music icon Garth Brooks is her husband.

Tips for Losing Weight

Yearwood has repeatedly lost weight and gained it back, sometimes even with more. The singer says she comes from “genetically and habitually predisposed to be fat” stock, which is typical of many American families.

In their Monticello, Georgia, home, they showed their affection for one another through the preparation of hearty, home-cooked meals in the style of traditional Southern cooking.

Home Cooking With Trisha Yearwood won one of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s “awards” for worst cookbooks of 2010 for including recipes like butter-baked bacon-wrapped asparagus. Even as her entire family “became healthy,” the singer says she stuck to her poor diet.

In the late 1980s, after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Yearwood’s father made significant changes to his diet, including giving up cigarettes and consuming far fewer carbohydrates and sugars.

In the end, she recalls, “He ended up doing extremely well,” because her father lived to be 72 years old (he passed away in 2005). In addition, Yearwood’s older sister Beth became pregnant at the age of 39: “I want to be healthy for my child,” she proclaimed.

She took up running and eventually shed 60 pounds, which she has kept off for the past decade.” Mom Yearwood went vegetarian after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and she stayed that way until she passed away in 2011.

“More time, and better time, is something I think her diet afforded her. What I put into my body became a major concern of mine “, citing Yearwood.

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Yearwood’s debut cookbook, Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen, was published in April 2008 and was a collaboration with her mother Gwen, and sister Beth.

Other family favorites were included in the cookbook alongside informative liner notes. There were a total of 120 recipes. Chicken, ribs, meatloaf, and cheesecake were just a few of the dishes covered in the book. According to the prologue written by Garth Brooks, he has always liked her cooking approach.

trisha yearwood weight loss

The New York Times declared Georgia Cooking the best cookbook of the year. Then, Yearwood announced that she would be releasing a second cookbook.

Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood was released on April 6, 2010, and it was another family effort involving Trisha, her mother, and her sister.

This cookbook compiled family favorites from her mother, aunts, cousins, and close friends. Many of the recipes in the cookbook were given to Yearwood by family members like Brooks, who wrote the foreword. The New York Times Best Seller list would also include “Home Cooking.”

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