Who Is a True Geordie, a Topic of Debate? What Remark by True Geordie Was Anti-Islamic?

According to the media, Brian Davis, alias True Geordie, advised Andrew Tate, “a Muslim,” to blow himself up and do the right thing. Conflict erupted as a result of this incident on November 7.

The reactions quickly were widely shared across all of the major social media networks, not just Twitter and TikTok. Eventually, Andrew Tate heard the remarks.

Tate soon fired back at Davis, claiming that Davis insulted him via a podcast episode he released shortly after Tate converted to Islam. Tate chimed in, “David implied..”

Geordie quickly apologized, explaining that it was all in good fun and directed at someone who hates him. Yet many people, like Gymshark, have rejected the apologies. Following his remarks, they made public their decision to break things with Geordie.

Just Who Is the True Geordie?

true geordie controversy

British YouTuber Brian Davis goes by the alias “True Geordie” online. Since 2016, he’s been associated with the Sidemen. Brian is originally from the city of Newcastle upon Tyne in England.

His debut video, titled “A True Geordie’s View on Nile Ranger,” which he posted to YouTube under the handle “footballfan533,” catapulted him into the public eye.

Nile Ranger, a football player for Newcastle at the time, was included in the video after he reportedly told the fans to “not bother showing up if they’re going to boo.”

Brian’s ardent ideals and crass language won him an instant following. He responded by rebranding his channel as True Geordie and increasing the frequency of his uploads.

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The Real Reasons Behind the Islamophobia Debate in Newcastle

Uncertainty was raised by the comments, and Geordie left his followers in the dark for a few days before offering an explanation.

Some even theorized that a hacker was responsible for creating them. Some people felt the discussion was a hoax because of how harsh and explicit it was.

A fellow YouTuber named Stephen Tries began the conversation with a humorous roast of Geordie, stating things like, “Apparently, you were pretty intoxicated when you sent those messages – it’s not the first time you’ve been sh*t-faced.”

Geordie eventually admitted that the messages were genuine, stating, “Sometimes you just travel along a road. Offensive messages back and forth make you want to say the sickest things to one another in an effort to appear more offensive.

Words like “Once you own it, they can’t win” and “Geordie took this like a champ, didn’t deny it like most people would have, tremendous respect, it’s his private life, not anybody else’s to judge” have been used frequently by fans in support of the actor.

After Islamophobic Comments, Gymshark Severed Connections with True Geordie as A Sponsor.

true geordie controversy

British athletic gear and footwear brand Gymshark said on Twitter that it had terminated ties with Brian “True Geordie” over the latter’s “Islamophobic” comments.

Since then, True Geordie has posted an apologetic video, but this hasn’t helped his struggling sponsorship relationships. In spite of their long history together, Gymshark has decided to end its collaboration with the viral sensation.

The Kick-Off, a popular sports podcast, and web broadcast is True Geordie’s claim to fame. It’s one of the most popular sports podcasts, and it often involves interviews with famous athletes and other people in the sports industry.

KSI, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, actor/comedian Ricky Gervais, and former professional footballer Alan Shearer have all been featured on True Geordie’s podcast.

Fans of his show will know that it is supported by well-known brands including Manscaped, Myprotein, and Wash & Go (among others). On the other hand, these organizations have yet to issue statements in response to the current developments. After losing Gymshark as a sponsor, the other companies will likely follow suit and end their agreements.

Additionally, fans have spoken out in response to Gymshark’s official announcement of the breakup with True Geordie. Several people have mentioned how wise the choice was.

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Final Words

The popular YouTuber was criticized for Islamophobic remarks on controversial social media personality Andrew Tate. Davis attacked Tate’s recent conversion to Islam on a True Geordie live stream in response to a challenge to fight. Davis suggested Tate blow himself up to show “how about that life he really is”. Twitter and TikTok users condemned Tate’s Islamophobic taunt. Davis apologized on YouTube Wednesday for a “stupid insult made against a person who dislikes me”. Gymshark and others rejected the apologies. After Geordie’s comments, they broke up.

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