Who Is Victoria Justice Dating? Latest Updates on Her Current Boyfriend and Dating History in 2022


On February 19, 1993, Victoria Dawn Justice (born Victoria Dawn Justice) became an American film, television, and music actor. Two Young Artist Awards have been bestowed upon her, and she has been nominated for three Imagen Awards, an NAACP Image Award, and three Kids’ Choice Awards, among other honours.

Who is Victoria Justice currently dating?

Some of Hollywood’s most famous actors have been associated with Victoria, including Reeve Carney, Nicholas Hoult, Ryan Rottman, Josh Hutcherson, Pierson Fode, and even Cole Sprouse who gave the actress her first kiss!! So, without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of Victoria Justice’s men of the past.

Reeve Carney was Victoria Justice’s boyfriend for a spell

He’s 10 years older than Victoria, yet they had a long-term romance. They reportedly met in October 2016 while filming the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, according to a source.

However, the couple was last seen together in February 2019 after dating for three years. It’s been three years of dating, and they decided to break up after that time.

Even though Victoria Justice appears to embrace the attention and recognition she receives, she is unexpectedly discreet about her personal relationships. After three years of dating Reeve Carney, they were rarely seen together outside of the red carpet.

victoria justice Reeve Carney

According to a source who spoke to E! News, Victoria and Reeve wanted their relationship to be just for them. It’s not like Victoria and Reeve are hiding their relationship, but they don’t go out together as much as they used to.

As she explains in an interview, she’s a very private person who doesn’t want her private life made public. As the actress and singer pointed out, “it’s weird” and “I suggest I am an extremely private individual, so it is sort of terrible for me, for individuals to understand whatsoever regarding me,”

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It happened to me when I was 17 or 18 and dating this guy. We were riding our bikes around my neighbourhood when I found out that there were paparazzi snapping pictures of us. “I didn’t want to broadcast that to the world,” she said.  Podcast interview this year.

Since she began her career in the film and music sectors, she has kept her personal life a secret, especially following the allegation that she harboured a deep hatred for Ariana Grande (that she clarified of, but still got bullied on the internet anyway). As a result, it’s hardly surprising that she’s so reclusive.

victoria justice dating

Because of her efforts to keep their relationship covert, there were very few rumours about them when they were together. And, according to some reports, the two are still close friends. Actor Reeve Carney is currently involved in another relationship with one of his Broadway co-stars.

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Avan Jogia and Victoria Justice

Victorious cast members Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia feel exactly the same way about moving on from the show. There’s also the possibility that they’re in a more serious relationship than merely pals.

Avan Jogia

As part of the Freaks and Geeks teen comedy series, Victoria and Avan were collaborating on a new project, The Outcast. There is still a lot of the same spark between them! As Jodi and Dave in the show, their admirers can’t help but fantasise about the possibility of them being together in real life.

Sadly, Avan and Victoria have never been a couple outside of the spotlight. On-screen chemistry aside, these two aren’t together. Despite this, they’re close friends who relish the opportunity to collaborate on future projects, according to Victoria.

In relationship with Pierson Fode

When Victoria and Pierson Fode first met on the set of Naomi and Ely’s No-Kiss List in December 2013, they began dating. According to reports, they broke up after only two years of dating.

Although she and Pierson ended their romance in 2014, she turned up to the actor’s birthday celebration in 2015 and confirmed to fans that they were still on good terms.

Pierson Fode

When Naomi and Eli are on screen, they’re best friends who are ready to take on the world. However, in real life, they are a wonderful couple who are very down-to-earth (they still act like best friends in real life, though). Reeve Carney and Pierson Forde are two of the few people who know of Victoria’s relationship with Pierson Forde.

Nevertheless, some of their on-screen interactions are preserved because to the numerous red carpet appearances and activities they had with one another.

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However, the source stated that they were on excellent terms and that the breakup was mutually agreed upon.

Ryan Rottman was also Victoria Justice’s ex-boyfriend

He is eight years older than Victoria, who started dating him backstage at Victorious in 2011. The two were spotted together at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

As long as they keep the details of their relationship confidential, they appear to have a solid and loving relationship, no matter how old they are.

ryan rottman intro

In 2013, after a courtship of nearly two years, the pair called it quits. The news said that the couple had broken up because they hadn’t had enough time to meet in person. The separation was amicable, despite the fact that they were both extremely busy at the time.

A source close to the couple confirmed their split with Us Weekly, claiming to know both of them personally.

“They are at different phases in their life and have both been on the road. ” It’s true that they’ve both gone their separate ways, according to the source.

Nicholas Hoult & Victoria Justice

Vicki Justice and Nicholas Hoult used to get a lot of attention. Is this a romantic relationship between them? Was there any truth to the rumours?

Since May to November009, Victoria refuted the rumour that she had a relationship with Nicholas Hoult, calling it “impossible” to date him.

No, we’re not in a relationship, she said.

When it comes to keeping in touch with a friend who lives on another continent, “It’s kind of impossible,” says the author. When she was questioned by E! News at the Casting Society of America Artios Awards in Los Angeles, she initially debunked the allegation.

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Victoria Justice’s ex-boyfriend Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson

Victoria Justice dated The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson when they were teenagers. While attending sporting events, they were often sighted together in the stands and on the red carpet. Their relationship began in early 2008 and ended around a year later.

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