Was Lidia Poët Ever Married? Did She Have a Husband?

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Did Lidia Pot ever have a marriage? She had a husband, right? initially featured on Ready Steady Cut.

Lidia Pot was never married. She had a husband, right? The renowned Italian attorney and specifics of her personal life are covered in this article.

The Law, a dramatised historical biography, is now available on Netflix. Specifically focused on the life of Italy’s first female attorney, Lidia Po t Despite many defeats in her personal life, she was a steadfast character who tenaciously advocated equal rights for men and women in court. She died at the age of 94 having eventually succeeded in changing the status of women in the nation.

Although the series does a good job of chronicling Po’t’s professional life, viewers are left wondering if Po’t ever made the decision to get married or if she chose to stay single.

Who is Lidia Po t?

The Law According to Lidia Poët Season 1 Review - sweet, addictive but short

The first female Italian lawyer, Lidia Pot, worked tirelessly to advance women’s rights in the later half of the 1800s and the early 1900s. She would be disbarred and struck out as a lawyer even though she passed the bar for the Order of Advocates in 1883. The Attorney General’s Office expressed their displeasure at her passing. This was only possible because she was a woman.

Women were ultimately permitted to occupy public office in 1919, and Po t was reinstated as an advocate in 1920 after a protracted campaign that encompassed numerous public controversies—the national newspapers got involved and took sides, with the majority supporting Po t.

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Was Lidia Po T Married?

In her 93 years of life, Po T never got married. She probably had some love relationships, but none of them resulted in a committed marriage. Po t stayed committed to her mission of empowering women both in the Netflix series and in real life. She participated in the Italian suffragette movement, which succeeded in 1945—a few years before she passed away—in granting women the right to vote.

But her family had a significant role in her life. Even though she could no longer practise law in a court after being disbarred, she would still work with her brother, Enrico Po.

What Does History Say About Lidia Po T’s Personal Life?

It is unclear why Po T never got married, but it’s possible that she decided against it since it wouldn’t have been wise for her to do so strategically. During Po t’s lifetime, it was widely believed that a husband would be a dominating influence in a marriage and would prevent his wife from acting legally in a court of law. This is because a criminal court would be too stressful for women to bear.

Was Lidia Poët ever married? Did she have a husband?

A guy would have complete control over the choices his wife made in other spheres of her life. A traditional spouse would prefer that his wife stick to domestic responsibilities like caring for the home and the kids rather than abandoning them to pursue a career in any sector. So, it is likely that Po t never wed because she didn’t want another guy to get in her way or to be used against her by other men. She most likely believed that having a husband and kids would keep her from working.

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Up until the time of her passing in the beach hamlet of Diano Marina, Po t remained a tenacious fighter for women’s rights even after she graduated from law school in Turin.

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