Who Is Adrian Toomes? Morbius’ Post-Credits Sequence and Spider-Man Links Expounded as Marvel Film Arrives on Netflix!


This adventure, which premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, features a fan-favorite Spidey in two additional scenes that create a veritable disaster across universes.

Morbius, a Marvel vampire film starring Jared Leto as he transforms into a vampire to treat his uncommon blood ailment, first descended upon theatres in April and made its Netflix debut on Wednesday. Even after the credits roll, Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff may leave viewers with questions.

CNET critic Richard Trenholm states, “There’s very little in Morbius to get the heart racing, as the compulsory origin tale dribbles away any exciting concepts and deflates like a leaking plasma drip.”

There is a post-credits sequence that reeks of desperation if you can be bothered to hang around after the credits roll.

How desperate? You inquire with glee. Due to Sony’s sole ownership of the Spider-Man and Spider-related character movie rights, this film does not take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is controlled by Disney (like Morbius and Venom).

Thanks to an exclusive licensing agreement with Sony, Disney is able to use several of these characters in the MCU films, including Spider-Man as portrayed by Tom Holland.

Who Is Exactly Adrian Toomes?

American comic novels published by Marvel Comics feature a supervillain named the Vulture (Adrian Toomes). Toomes, a brilliant but deranged inventor, created a suit that allowed him to travel at extremely high speeds.

who is adrian toomes

The criminal life he adopted led him to become a regular adversary of Spider-Man and a founding member of the Sinister Six. Many different characters have assumed this role.

The Spider-Man character has been adopted for use in a wide variety of media since he was first introduced. In live-action, Michael Keaton portrayed the role in both Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Morbius, part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (2022).

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Origins of Publication

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko invented the character of the Vulture, whose debut appearance was in issue #2 (May 1963) of The Amazing Spider-Man. Lee apparently modeled the antagonist after actor Sydney Greenstreet, as stated by Ditko.

Ditko made him slender and gaunt because he wanted him to appear fast and nimble, and also because “the bigger anything is, the more panel space it needs to take up, consequently limiting panel space for other characters and story panel elements.”

Multiple additional characters have adopted the Vulture identity after Toomes first did so. Blackie Drago’s second iteration, created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #48 (May 1967) because Lee felt that Spider-Man looked like a bully fighting an old man.

When readers complained about the new Vulture, though, Lee went back to the drawing board and restored the classic version.

Skills and Aptitudes

By strapping himself into his Vulture harness, Adrian Toomes can glide through the air as if he were a real vulture. He has artificial bird-like wings affixed to the underside of his arms, and he wears a costume made of synthetic stretch fabric that houses an electromagnetic harness.

To achieve this, he straps an anti-graviton generator to his body and wears it like a harness, allowing him to hover invisibly and with great control.

The Vulture’s harness makes him more durable, allowing him to withstand Spider-powerful Man’s punches. Yet another effect of this rare radiation is that, despite his advanced age and lack of exercise, Toomes’ physical strength is exemplary of the extremes to which humans may be pushed.

Most of these abilities would gradually diminish after he takes it away, though the exact time frame in which this happens is unknown (some writers have suggested that his strength is permanent).

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The Character Adrian Toomes

The version of Adrian Toomes played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) is the father of Liz Allan and the former head of a New York City salvage business.

He can fly because his flight suit has turbine-powered wings with clawed wingtips and talons situated on the soles of his boots. Toomes’ firm goes bankrupt years before when the government establishes the Department of Damage Control in the wake of the Battle of New York.

who is adrian toomes

As a result, he convinces his coworkers Phineas Mason, Herman Schultz, Jackson Brice, and Randy Vale to launch a scavenging operation and black market weapons ring using the Chitauri technology they retrieved.

In the present day, Toomes has deduced Spider-identity Man and threatens revenge unless the web-slinger stops, sparing his life because Spider-Man has previously saved Liz’s.

Before Happy Hogan and the FBI can discover and arrest Toomes, Spider-Man stops Toomes from hijacking a jet carrying much of the Avengers’ weaponry and saves Toomes’ life when his suit malfunctions.

Toomes’s family uproots and leaves because of it. Midway through the credits, Mac Gargan visits an imprisoned Toomes and asks if he knows Spider-true Man’s identity; Toomes emphatically denies this.

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