Who Is Becca Tilley in A Relationship With? Bachelor Star Keeps Her New Man a Secret from The Social Media and More Details in 2022


Hayley Kiyoko was revealed to be Becca Tilley’s mystery companion in May 2022.

“Hard to say if this is a hard or soft launch,” she said on Instagram accompanying videos of their relationship, just hours after Kiyoko released a music video based on Tilley’s time on Bachelor Nation.

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Becca Tilley may be lucky in love, but she isn’t ready to reveal who she is presenting her roses to just yet.
On season 19 of The Bachelor, Tilley initially competed for Chris Soules’ heart.

who is becca tilley engaged to

The farmer proposed to Whitney Bischoff and sent Tilley packing while she was in the final two. (Less than a year after the season finale, Soles and Bischoff called it quits.) On Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, which aired in 2016, the fashion designer gave reality TV romance a second chance. Tilley was a top-five finisher.

On the subject of not concealing

“Hiding is not the same as being private on social media.” “People already have an opinion on my relationship, and I haven’t even discussed it,” Tilley said during an Instagram Q&A in February 2022. “Doesn’t it make sense why I’d want to keep it safe?” Perhaps someday! However, we will make the decision.”

Regarding Whether She Is With The Right Guy

On an episode of her “Scrubbing In” podcast from February 2020, Tilley teased that she is “95 percent” certain she will marry her current companion.

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Concerns About Confidentiality

“I just think that my current relationship is simply, I appreciate that it’s private and it’s my own,” the reality star told Us in September 2019. “I used to have a public relations and it always felt like there were a lot of people involved, which I’m sure is why they were watching me in the first place.”

who is becca tilley engaged to

Regarding Shared Future Plans

When it comes to disclosing her significant other’s identity, Tilley told Us in September 2019 that she doesn’t “have a timeline.” “I just feel like if the occasion comes when I’m like, ‘Oh, I’ll just say something,’ then I will,” she explained. “I’m overjoyed, and I hope to start talking about it more in the future, but for now, I’m content with it remaining private.”

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Restrictions on Her

The one major restriction, according to Tilley, is that she does not post about her relationship on social media.
“It’s primarily just talking about it and posting about it,” she told Us. “I go through the motions of my life.”

Regarding Her Relationship with Her Family

Her parents haven’t met her mystery love, the Bachelor alum told Us during the 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards in November 2019.
“My family lives far away,” she told Us at the time, “so my sisters have probably been introduced, but not the rest of my family.”

who is becca tilley engaged to

“I am overjoyed.” I’m in a fantastic situation.”

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On No Longer Feeling “Safe” in Public Relationships

“I think I’ve shared less of my personal life because I just got off a show where my entire dating life, everything about me, was on display for everyone to judge, discuss, and know everything about.” “And then after The Bachelor, I was in a public relationship and blogged about it on Instagram*(Becca Tilley), YouTube, and wherever else — and when we broke up, there was this pressure that I felt just about letting people down who were pulling for my love,” Tilley told ET in June 2019.

who is becca tilley engaged to

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don’t feel safe simply being honest and authentic because I never know what others will say or what assumptions they will make.’ So I figured it was something I could safeguard after that.”


On a June 2019 episode of her podcast, Tilley and her “Scrubbing In” cohost Tanya Rad played Truth or Drink. “Yes,” Tilley responded when asked if she is “in love.” Instead of naming the person she is dating, Tilley took a shot later in the game.

Plans for a Marriage

“I’m a little nervous about a life-long relationship. In June of this year, she told ET, “I simply want to be with someone who I’m happy to see every day in some manner.” “For example, when I arrive home following a long day, they make me feel excited… I’m always glad to see them, regardless of how exhausted I am.”

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Love that has lasted for a long time

Tilley stated in December 2019 that she has been dating her boyfriend for over a year after meeting at a party.
“I believe it was just a natural bond.” She told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve never experienced anything so immediate, like, from the beginning.” “If I feel like, ‘OK, I’m ready to invite everyone into my relationship and have an opinion on it,’ [then I will share].”

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