Who Is Hummingbird in The Masked Singer? the Greatest Estimations Are Here!

The Masked Singer, an American musical comedy television series, returned on September 21, 2022, for its eighth season on Fox.

Nick Cannon, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger are all back to host and participate in the panel discussion.

The Blue Man Group will also be making an appearance in the second episode, along with season one’s runner-up Donny Osmond. Andrew Lloyd Webber, Carrot Top, Danielle Fishel, Jodie Sweetin, Joel McHale, Jon Lovitz, Lance Bass, Leslie Jordan, Sheila E., The Muppets (Kermit the Frog previously portrayed “Snail” in season five), The Muppets, Will Arnett, season one contestant Tori Spelling (who portrayed “Unicorn”), and season three contestant Drew Carey will all make appearances throughout the season (who portrayed “Llama”)

Who Is Hummingbird?

With each new season of The Masked Singer comes even more comedy, musical performances, and, of course, fantastic masks and costumes. You won’t want to miss this season’s episodes of The Masked Singer because for the first time ever, they will be experimenting with “themed” nights.

Fans are already speculating on who they think is hiding behind the Hummingbird mask. Read on to find out what we think the Hummingbird looks like and who might be behind it.

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The Hints: Hummingbird on ‘The Masked Singer

Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a clue package for the Hummingbird prior to the premiere; nevertheless, this does not imply that we do not have some ideas as to who might be hiding behind the bright mask.

who is hummingbird

The X-ray hint was a flower, suggesting the concept of “flower power.”

  • Suitably attired
  • 2 rings

Hummingbird’s Take on ‘The Masked Singer: Audience Predictions

Warning: spoilers ahead! Although the true identity of the Hummingbird’s wearer has not been revealed as of yet, it is possible that the guesses below will reveal too much.

Although there isn’t much we can go on when it comes to the Hummingbird at the moment, fans of The Masked Singer are doing their best to piece together what they can. Amongst football fans, there is widespread expectation that Tom Brady will make an appearance this year (a rumor he already denied). It’s hard to argue with Hummingbird’s obviousness, what with his stature and his suit (off the field, football players are often seen donning formal attire).

Hummingbird, according to to judge Ken Jeong in a first peek at the Season 8 opener, might be Peyton Manning, who has won two Super Bowls.

Additional theories from Hummingbird followers include:

  • A. Sandler, Adam
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Akon


Although it is unclear how far along in the process Anne Heche was when she passed away, it was claimed that she had been in negotiations to participate in the season.

who is hummingbird

With 22 competitors, this season of The Masked Singer will have the most competitors of any American season to date. According to reports, this season’s finalists have a combined total of 42 books, 32 Grammy nominations, 16 Emmy wins, 10 Teen Choice Awards, 8 Gold albums, 5 plaques on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and 4 Golden Globe nominations.

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When and How to Watch

Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on Fox is when you can catch The Masked Singer. You can watch The Masked Singer live on FuboTV (and there’s even a free trial) even if you don’t have a typical cable plan. The Masked Singer episodes from the previous day are also accessible on Hulu.

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