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On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Masked Singer,” comedian Jeff Dunham, singer Montell Jordan, and *NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick were all unmasked at once.

Kirkpatrick was exposed as the Hummingbird, while Dunham was exposed as Pi-Rat, and Jordan as Panther. As with last week, the unmasking of Kirkpatrick was a carryover from the previous week; following the three performances this week, Dunham was eliminated first with the fewest votes.

After a final showdown with Harp (during which each of them sang a verse from “Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf), Jordan’s Panther disguise was blown. The harp has now won two consecutive weeks.

Opening “Vegas Night,” Season 1 guest judge Donny Osmond sang “The Greatest Show.” The night’s first unmasking then occurred: The disclosure that Hummingbird was actually Kirkpatrick was postponed from the season debut last week. Thicke guessed Dion Sanders, McCarthy Wahlberg chose Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, and Jeong suggested Tom Brady. Kirkpatrick’s song was “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw.

Who Is Jeffrey Douglas Dunham?

Born on April 18, 1962, in the United States, Jeffrey Douglas Dunham is a stand-up comedian, actor, and ventriloquist who has been on shows like The Late Show with David Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, The Tonight Show, and Sonny With a Chance.

His Comedy Central specials include: Arguing with Myself, Spark of Insanity, Controlled Chaos, Minding the Monsters, and All Over the Map. In 2009, Dunham had his own network series, titled simply The Jeff Dunham Show.

His act has been likened to “a more digestible, dressed-down version of Don Rickles with multiple personality disorder.” His characters were “politically incorrect, gratuitously offensive, and ill-tempered,” as characterised by Time. There is a consensus that Dunham did more to popularise ventriloquism after Edgar Bergen than anybody else .

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Early Life

Dunham was born in Dallas, Texas, on April 18, 1962. His adoptive parents, real estate appraiser Howard Dunham and his housewife Joyce, brought him up as an only child in a pious Presbyterian household in a posh Dallas suburb.

At the age of eight, he began ventriloquism after receiving a Mortimer Snerd dummy and a how-to album from his parents for Christmas in 1970.

The following day, he borrowed a book on ventriloquism from the library and, in 2011, he confessed that he still had it, calling himself “a thief in the third grade.”

After seeing a ventriloquist perform in the fourth grade, Dunham was hooked and knew he had to become a professional himself. Dunham found ventriloquism to be a learned ability, similar to juggling, that anyone with a normal speaking voice can acquire by practising for hours in front of a mirror and studying the routines of Edgar Bergen and the how-to album Jimmy Nelson’s Instant Ventriloquism.

Jeff Dunham Age and Weight

Annually on April 18th, the celebrity honours his birth. Dunham was born in 1962, which means that by the time spring rolls around in 2023, he will be 61 years old. At a towering 1.83 metres, Jeff Dunham towers over the competition. About 68 kilogrammes is how much he weighs.


Dunham and Comedy Central have been working together since March 2009, when they inked a multi-platform contract.

The package comprised the premiere of the television series The Jeff Dunham Show on October 22, 2009; the airing of a fourth stand-up special in 2010; DVDs; a partnership with a consumer products company; a 60-city tour commencing in September 2010; and an order for a consumer products.

Despite having the highest-rated premiere in Comedy Central history and initial average ratings that were higher than those of other shows on the network, the show was cancelled after only one season due to negative reviews, declining viewership, and higher production costs than those of other Comedy Central shows.

Along with Bubba J, Dunham played a ventriloquist named Rick Wayne and his dummy named Pumpkin from Stone Mountain, Georgia, on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock.

Together with Walter, Dunham guest starred in the November 2009 episode “Hart to Hart” of the Disney Channel shows Sonny With a Chance as a pair of security officers. In the 2010 Steve Carell and Paul Rudd comedy Dinner for Schmucks, he played the role of Lewis, accompanied by a new puppet named Diane.

On September 25, 2011, Jeff Dunham’s fourth comedy special, Controlled Chaos, had its debut on Comedy Central. Originally airing on Comedy Central on October 7, 2012, his sixth special, Minding the Monsters, was filmed in Savannah.

Personal Life

The Comedy Corner in West Palm Beach, Florida is where Dunham and his first wife, Paige Brown, originally met. Back in December of 1992, they hooked up and started dating.

Dunham married Brown and adopted her daughter Bree, then 1 and a half years old, in May 1994. Each of their two daughters, Ashlyn and Kenna, was born in the ’90s. As a result of the pressure put on the marriage by Dunham’s frequent absences for performances, he filed for divorce in November of 2008.

By the middle of 2009, Dunham was seeing Audrey Murdick, a licenced nutritionist, personal trainer, and competition bodybuilder; the couple got engaged on December 25, 2011.

The happy pair tied the knot on October 12, 2012. Dunham and his wife Audrey welcomed twin twins on May 14, 2015, and he made the happy announcement on Facebook. Jack Steven and James Jeffrey were born in October.

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How Much Money Jeff Dunham Makes Annually?

The American ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham are worth an estimated $140 million. When compared to other comedians, Jeff Dunham’s annual salary ranges from $15 million to $30 million, making him one of the highest paid in the industry.

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