Who Is John Mcafee: According to A New Netflix Documentary, the Tech Mogul Faked His Own Death!

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Relatives of John McAfee said they were “completely unaware” that Netflix was producing a documentary alleging that the inventor of antivirus software faked his own death.

According to reports, McAfee killed himself in his cell at a Spanish prison last year, not long after a court there decided he would be extradited to the United States to face tax evasion allegations brought against him by the IRS.

Once on the run for years, the IT guru was finally apprehended in Spain in 2020 on behalf of the United States government, where he faced charges of tax evasion and a fake cryptocurrency scam. After the Spanish National Court agreed to extradite McAfee to Tennessee in June 2021, he allegedly committed suicide a few months later at the age of 75. His body is still being held at a Spanish mortuary, Reuters reports.

Who is John David McAfee?

John David McAfee (/maekfi/ MAK—fee;[ 18 September 1945 – 23 June 2021) was a computer programmer, businessman, and two-time presidential candidate who ran for the Libertarian Party candidacy in 2016 and 2020 but was ultimately unsuccessful.

By 1987, he had written the first commercial anti-virus program and established McAfee Associates to market it. After selling his last remaining shares in the company, he resigned in 1994.

In later years, McAfee became the most outspoken opponent of the corporation, advising users to remove the company’s anti-virus software because it was “bloatware.” Even though the corporation attempted a brief rebranding under Intel ownership, he strongly objected to their continued use of his name in branding.

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Early Life

McAfee‘s parents, American father Don McAfee and British mother Joan, met on a U.S. Army installation in Cinderford, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, on September 18, 1945. Don was serving in the 596th Ordnance Ammunition Company (Williams).

who is john mcafee

Although McAfee’s dad was from Roanoke, he spent much of his childhood in Salem. He claimed to identify equally with the United Kingdom and the United States. A BBC columnist called his father “an aggressive alcoholic,” and when the boy was 15 years old, his father shot himself.

He lived his youth in constant dread that his father would hit him again, and he never understood his father’s behavior. After graduating with a baccalaureate in mathematics from Roanoke College in Virginia in 1967, McAfee went on to get an honorary Doctor of Science from the same institution in 2008.

McAfee got his bachelor’s degree and started working on his Ph.D. in mathematics at Northeast Louisiana State College, where he met the woman who would later become his wife. However, in 1968, the two broke up and McAfee was kicked out of school.

Where Did All of Mc Afee’s Money Go Wrong?

After resigning as McAfee’s chief executive in 1994 and selling his stock interests, the UK-born technology pioneer was worth over $100 million at his peak.

However, he lost a lot of money due to poor financial decisions, the Great Recession of 2008–2009, and growing legal problems, which forced him to live in hiding from US authorities for years.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, McAfee lost millions on a string of disastrous investments, including a significant wager on Lehman Brothers’ bonds, and was subsequently forced to sell off his real estate and other assets for pennies on the dollar.

The global financial crisis of 2008 led to the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers. “McAfee received only $5.7 million for his $25 million Colorado mansion. Also, “he sold a Cessna private jet, a New Mexico ranch, and a Hawaii mansion,” it said.

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Legal Issues

McAfee was deported from Guatemala back to the United States on December 6, 2012, after he was released from incarceration on that date despite having suffered two small heart attacks while in jail, as reported by ABC News. McAfee claimed he staged heart attacks so that his lawyer would have more time to appeal his conviction.

McAfee has faced numerous further legal problems since then. He was apprehended in Tennessee in August 2015 on charges of DUI and aggravated DUI (carrying a handgun while inebriated). The wrongful death claim filed against McAfee for Faull’s death in Guatemala was not dropped in November 2018 by the Circuit Court in Orlando, Florida.

After that, a new lawsuit was filed against him at the beginning of 2019, and a Grand Jury was formed to indict him on tax-related offenses. As a result, he declared in January 2019 that he was evading U.S. officials by staying aboard a yacht.

More than once, he has been taken into custody. He was captured in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, in July 2019. He was detained for four days before being released. He was taken into custody in Spain that October of 2020 on a request from the U.S. Department of Justice for tax evasion.

The government of Spain declared on June 23, 2021, that they will cooperate with the United States in their request to extradite John. It was tragic that later that day, John took his own life. He was 75.

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