Who Is Mike Lindell? A Vocal Advocate, A Supporter of Trump Who Believes in Conspiracies, Claims that The FBI Took His Phone

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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a vocal advocate for discredited claims of widespread voter fraud made by President Trump, said on Tuesday that the FBI had served him with a grand jury subpoena for the contents of his phone as part of an investigation into a Colorado election security breach.

Lindell circulated copies of an FBI subpoena he claims was served to conservative media outlets and social media.

Lindell told CNN that he was interviewed by agents about Tina Peters, the county clerk in Mesa County, Colorado, who is facing state charges related to a scheme that allegedly allowed an unauthorized person to access voting machines. In court, Peters has maintained his innocence.

The FBI Is Reportedly Also Looking Into the Security Breach, as Reported by CNN

According to Lindell, he was in the drive-thru lane of a Minnesota Hardee’s on a Tuesday afternoon when he was approached by the FBI.

“Cars drew up in front of us, to the side of us, and behind us,” he stated on his internet show “The Lindell Report,” “and I thought, ‘These are either dangerous men or the FBI.’ Well, it turns out that they were the FBI.”

According to CNN’s report, Lindell was served a subpoena and ordered to hand up his phone to the agents. Lindell claimed on his web program, “He goes, ‘Well, I got some bad news… he continues, ‘We’re taking your cellphone. We have a warrant to seize your mobile device.

Lindell was reluctant at first and even consulted an attorney before handing up the gadget to the agents.

I’d like to state unequivocally that they were decent human beings. They were all polite and friendly, as Lindell remarked on his program.

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Who Is Michael James Lindell?

Michael James Lindell (born June 28, 1961) is a businessman, political activist, and conspiracy theorist in the United States. He is also known as the “My Pillow Guy.”

My Pillow, Inc., which produces pillows, bedding, and slippers, was founded by him, and he serves as the company’s chief executive officer.

who is mike lindell

During his time as former U.S. Mr. Trump, the President. After Trump lost the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Lindell was a major backer and funder of Trump’s efforts to reverse the election result, spreading unfounded conspiracy theories alleging widespread electoral fraud.

He has also advocated for quackery, including the use of the deadly plant extract oleandrin as a treatment for COVID-19.


Mike Lindell attended the University of Minnesota after graduating from high school,[when?] but he dropped out due to his gambling problem. Lindell was born in Mankato, Minnesota, and raised in Chaska and Carver. But after only a few months in school, he decided to quit.

Lindell started doing cocaine heavily in his twenties, and by the end of that decade, he was addicted. After switching to crack cocaine in the ’90s, Lindell’s addiction only worsened. He was also racking up gambling debts.

Over the course of the 1980s and 1990s, as his substance abuse worsened, he lost his home to foreclosure and his marriage to the breaker. Lindell claimed that prayer was crucial in his 2009 sobriety.

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Political Action

According to reports, Trump encouraged Lindell to run for governor of Minnesota in 2022 against the Democratic incumbent Tim Walz.

After being persuaded to run for office during a conference of the Republican Governors Association, he did just that. It was announced in May of 2020 that he would be leading Trump’s reelection campaign in the state of Minnesota as its chair. Lindell declared his intention to run for governor of Minnesota as “99% sure” in July of that year.

Lindell was one of the people who helped put up the money to release 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, the shooter in Kenosha, on bail in November 2020.

Lindell called the item “Fake News” and said he gave it to “The Fight Back Foundation Inc.” to help fund litigation against election fraud.

In April 2022, Lindell mentioned giving up to $800,000 to a legal defense fund for Tina Peters, a candidate for Colorado Secretary of State. This raised eyebrows because such a donation would be illegal in Colorado, and the state’s ethics commission investigated the fund after receiving a complaint about a lack of donor transparency.

In May of 2022, after having been banned from the social media platform, Lindell created a new account. However, Twitter banned Lindell’s new account just hours after he rejoined.

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