Who Is Taylor Lorenz? Let’s Have a Look at The Way of Life of An American Journalist

A further complaint was filed by entrepreneur Ariadna Jacob, a former agent who represented TikTok stars and other internet influencers, against The New York Times and reporter Taylor Lorenz for publishing a purportedly defamatory story that she claims harmed her career and reputation.

Jacob Wants Damages of Almost $11.6 Million

Lorenz, a former reporter for the New York Times, is being sued again by Jacob, 38, less than a month after a federal judge dismissed Jacob’s original suit for making false statements “Article in the August 2020 Times titled “Trying to Make It Big Online?” contains “numerous false and disparaging statements of fact. It’s Not All About the Contracts.”

As a result of the piece, customers who disagreed with what she called “wildly false assertions” left Jacob’s company.

The amended complaint was filed on October 5, 2022, and it asserts that Lorenz, who is now employed by the Washington Post, “bullied” Jacob’s TikTok clients into making false allegations against her for the Times article, including a claim that Jacob was responsible for the leaked nude photos of an influencer.

It is claimed in the lawsuit that Lorenz and the New York Times intentionally published the piece because they believed “their standing and power within the mainstream media would shield them against accountability for lying.”

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Who Is Taylor Lorenz?

An American journalist for The Washington Post, Taylor Lorenz was born on October 21, sometime between 1984 and 1988. She has covered tech for major publications like the NYT, the Daily Beast, and Business Insider. The Daily Mail hired her as their social media editor as well.

While Lorenz’s birthplace was New York City, he spent his formative years in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, where he attended Greenwich High. Her undergraduate education began at CU Boulder, but she ultimately earned her degree in political science from Hobart & William Smith. Lorenz claims that Tumblr piqued her curiosity about the online world and its culture.


From 2011 until 2014, Lorenz oversaw all social media for the Daily Mail as its editor. She was a technology correspondent for Business Insider from 2014 to 2017, following a brief spell at The Daily Dot in 2014.

In 2017, while covering the Unite the Right demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia, she was beaten by a counter-protester and wrote briefly for The Hill’s blog section. She was a tech correspondent at The Daily Beast for two years, from 2017-2018.

She worked as a technology correspondent for the New York Times between 2019 and 2022. Lorenz moved to The Washington Post from The Times in March 2022 to become a columnist there.

In 2019, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism appointed Lorenz as a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society.

Caret claims that “Silicon Valley venture capitalists, advertisers, and…anyone intrigued about how the internet is influencing the manner in which humans express and communicate” regularly read her articles.

TheWrap claims that “during her time at the Times, she’s drawn an inordinate amount of online criticism, notably from those on the right wing of the media.”

She worked for The Daily Beast and The Atlantic, where her name became “synonymous with millennial culture online,” according to Fortune. The term “OK boomer” was coined by her in a story that Reason magazine published declaring “the end of pleasant generational ties.”

How Rich Is Taylor Lorenz?

According to projections made in 2022, Taylor will have roughly $2 million in assets. Her wealth is mostly due to her successful work as a journalist.

Throughout her career, she has contributed to a wide variety of newspapers and television news programs.

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When Did Taylor Lorenz Tie the Knot?

Taylor has not yet tied the knot, but she is engaged to her long-term beau. Her fiance’s name is Christopher Mims. Her fiance works for The Wall Street Journal as a technology columnist. 2015 saw the announcement of Taylor and Christopher’s engagement.

The couple has not settled on a wedding date as of yet. But they’re now engaged and leading a blissful married life together. On a daily level, the pairings are extremely encouraging of one another. They value one another as individuals and as a unit.

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