Who Was Tony Hughes? What Caused Dahmer – Monster to Kill Him? Recent Update!

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The Netflix show gives us a detailed look at the lives of the victims, including Tony Hughes, a guy who was deaf and mute. American psychopath and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, a.k.a. the Milwaukee Monster.

Recent media attention has focused on the gruesome specifics of the atrocities committed by serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, thanks in large part to the premiere of the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. It brings attention to the voiceless victims, who had been mostly ignored for a long time.

What Is Tony Hughes’s Deal?

Our human nature leads us to believe only one version of events, no matter how awful they may have been. The Netflix show gives us a detailed look at the lives of the victims, including Tony Hughes, a guy who was deaf and mute.

It wasn’t until the sixth episode of the Ryan Murphy series, titled “Silenced,” that the public learned of the innocent victim’s plight. Hughes was represented by Rodney Burford, and the show focused on his early meetings with the psychopath Dahmer, who would later kill the selfless man. So, what exactly happened with Tony Hughes, and how did Jeffrey Dahmer end up murdering him? Detailed answers to all your questions can be found here.

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About Tony Hughes

Tony Hughes, born Anthony Tony Hughes on August 26th, 1959. Hughes lost his hearing permanently and was allegedly mute as a result of unspecified drugs he was given as a child.

Tony’s mother, Shirley Hughes, used to describe her adorable son as an extroverted and gregarious boy who had no trouble making friends.

who was tony hughes

Tony attended the Wisconsin school for the deaf and graduated, from Gallaudet University. After that, Hughes moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where he attended college full-time while still continuing to pursue his modeling career, an endeavor in which he had already shown great promise.

Anthony Hughes and Jeffrey Dahmer First Met in A Gay Bar

The episode begins with Anthony Hughes’s birth on August 26, 1959. (his date of birth, according to FBI records). Tony’s hearing was irreversibly damaged shortly after his birth as a result of adverse reactions to medications he was given. Rumor has it that he was also silent.

Tony developed an interest in modeling as he got older, and The Sun reports that he attended the Wisconsin School for the Deaf in Madison while pursuing a career in the industry. According to the Netflix miniseries, after graduating, Tony had trouble finding work owing to his disability but eventually settled into a job at a clothing store.

Tony, who saw himself as gay and frequented gay bars, allegedly met Dahmer at Club 219 on May 24, 1991. In case you didn’t know, Dahmer frequented this club, which is where he usually met his victims and led them back to his apartment.

Tony made the mistake of agreeing to go home with Dahmer; once inside, Dahmer poisoned the 31-year-old and strangled him to death. Dahmer then dissolved Tony’s body in acid and dismembered it, but he preserved the head.

In contrast, the episode establishes a connection between Tony and Dahmer, suggesting the two knew each other for a longer period of time than Dahmer claimed in court.

Two of Tony’s acquaintances informed authorities that he and Dahmer had been buddies since 1989, lending credence to the idea that they had known each other for a long time. In addition, Tony’s mom reportedly informed AP that her son had a friend named Jeffrey who lived in Milwaukee.

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The Netflix Show: An Overview

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a limited series biographical crime drama on Netflix starring Evan Peters, was removed from the service on September 21, 2022. Mostly from the victims’ and their families’ points of view, the show depicts the actual murders done by the psychopath Jeffrey Dahmer. It also contained Dahmer’s testimony from his first trial.

Peter, a winner of an Emmy, plays the serial killer of Milwaukee. The sixth episode explains everything that led up to Hughes’ death, including how Dahmer met and became friends with Hughes. “Silence” was written by Janet Mock and David McMillan, and Paris Barclay helmed the production.

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