Why does Samuel L Jackson didn’t get any Oscars lately?


Samuel L. Jackson’s sole Academy Award is an honorary one, but he doesn’t mind because he’s been portraying Marvel Cinematic Universe mainstay, Nick Fury, for almost a decade and counting.

According to the Los Angeles Times

Jackson would rather create billion-dollar Marvel films than compete for Oscar nominations or chase down Oscar-baiting parts.

“As jaded as I wanted to be about it, thinking, ‘Well, I should have gotten an Oscar for this or that and it didn’t happen,’ it wasn’t a huge concern for me after I got over it many years ago,” Jackson remarked. “Going to the Oscars is always a blast for me.” As a giver, I always anticipate receiving a gift basket. [Laughs] I give things to my relatives, and my daughter and wife take things away. That’s fine… But, aside from that, I was done.”

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“I was never going to let the Academy Awards be a barometer of my success or failure as an actor,” Jackson continued. My criterion for success is whether or not I am happy with my work. I don’t make movies about chasing after statues. ‘If you make this film, you’ll win an Oscar,’ you know [whispers]. Please don’t. Nick Fury is who I’d rather be. Or pretending to be Mace Windu and wielding a lightsaber.”

Why does Samuel L Jackson didn't get any Oscars lately

That’s not to suggest Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t think he deserved to win an Oscar for acting by now. When the actor was nominated for his performance in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction,” he told The Sunday Times in March that he should have won the Oscar for supporting actor. Martin Landau (“Ed Wood”), Chazz Palminteri (“Bullets Over Broadway”), Paul Scofield (“Quiz Show”), and Gary Sinise (“Forrest Gump”) were all nominated that year. The Oscar went to Landau. Jackson also claimed that he didn’t win another Oscar for “Jungle Fever,” for which he wasn’t even nominated.

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Jackson told the Los Angeles Times

He’s fine with foregoing Oscar nominations if it means making films “that people just want to see to get out of themselves,” adding, “That’s the guy I choose to be and I’m fine with it.” Because it is who I am, I am content. I’m the one who draws the T-shirt lines. No one can quote a line they said in a movie for the rest of their careers. People watch my films to see how insane I’ll get or how many times I’ll shout “motherfucker.” “Whatever it takes to get them to sit down.”

In the upcoming Disney+ series “Secret Invasion,” Jackson will return to his role as Nick Fury. Jackson co-stars with Ben Mendelsohn, Cobie Smulders, Martin Freeman, and Don Cheadle, all of whom are MCU alumni.

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