Oscar-Winning Performer Marlee Matlin Said She Was Raped by Celebrity, Who Died at 71!

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William Hurt, who won Oscars for his roles in Kiss of the Spider Woman and Broadcast News, has passed away at the age of 71. He passed away on March 13 after a protracted fight with metastatic prostate cancer. His son Will made the announcement of his passing.

Hurt revealed in May 2018 that he had been given a fatal prostate cancer diagnosis that had spread to his bones.

Ex-girlfriends Marlee Matlin and Sandra Jennings‘ accusations that actor William Hurt was physically violent to the women in his life were brought to light again after Hurt’s death.

The Goals for William Hurt’s Career

william hurt controversy

In the 1980s, he would go on to be nominated for three Oscars in a row for best actor for his roles in Kiss of the Spider Woman (1985), Children of a Lesser God (1986), and Broadcast News (1987).

In Kiss of the Spider Woman, he played Molina, a gay man imprisoned under the military dictatorship in Brazil, and won the Oscar and the best-male-performance award there.

A History of Violence, a 2005 crime thriller directed by David Cronenberg, earned Hurt his fourth and final Oscar nomination.

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Matlin’s Assessment of William Hurt

“We’ve lost a truly terrific performer, and I will always have wonderful memories of working with him on the set of “Children of a Lesser God.” He was unique, and he gave me a lot to learn as an actor.

In her memoirs, “I’ll Scream Later,” Matlin described Hurt’s alleged abuse of her, claiming that the actor “threw me on the bed, started pulling off his clothing and mine” and sexually assaulted her.

After Matlin won the Oscar, Hurt allegedly scolded her, asking, “What makes you think you deserve it? For the recognition you have just received, hundreds of actors have toiled for years. Considering that

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What William Hurt Released

william hurt controversy

Following the release of Matlin’s autobiography, Hurt released a statement in which he said, “My own recollection is that we both apologized and both did a great deal to mend our lives. Of course, I apologized and still do for whatever harm I may have caused. And I am aware of our mutual growth. All the best to Marlee and her family, please.

Hurt would later go on to establish himself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thaddeus Ross, a general who appeared in the Hulk comics.

Hurt has five appearances in Marvel movies, including Black Widow, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and The Incredible Hulk. Additionally, he made cameos in a number of movies, including Mr. Brooks, Into the Wild, Robin Hood, The Big Chill, Syriana, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, The Village, and The Village.

Actor William Hurt passed away on March 13, 2022, one week before his 72nd birthday. His son Will released the following statement after his father’s loss: “It is with great regret that the Hurt family mourns the passing of William Hurt, loving father, and Oscar-winning actor, on March 13, 2022. He passed away naturally, in his family’s presence.

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After a long battle with prostate cancer, Hurt passed away at age 71. On the red carpet, Marlee Matlin was questioned about her ex-boyfriend William Hurt’s death. The deaf actress Matlin wrote in her autobiography, I’ll Scream Later, that after the Oscars, Hurt yelled at her. After Matlin’s memoir came out, Hurt released a statement in which he said, “We both repented and did much to rehabilitate our lives.” For any pain I may have caused, please accept my apologies. Together, we’ve matured a lot. My best to Marlee and her loved ones.

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