Bluey Controversy: Why Are We Analysing a Cartoon? Check out Latest Info


Bluey, the endearing Australian cartoon character, has amassed a devoted following around the world.
Bluey, her younger sister Bingo, their father Bandit, and their mother Chilli are the stars of ABC’s Blue Heelers, which premiered in 2018 and has since gained millions of viewers, including A-listers Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling.
For The Conversation, David Burton and Kate Cantrell of the University of Southern Queensland sparked outrage by criticising Bandit, who received a Father of the Year award in 2019.

“This Loveable Character Has a Darker Side,” Says the Professors

Professors claim there is a “darker side to this loveable character” and attack his “larrikin” personality, suggesting he was a bad father in this article.

Bluey is held back by Bandit from the finish line in order to win an obstacle course in one episode. Big brothers always win over little brothers, he boasts in another. Bluey mimics this when she teases Bingo: ‘Big sisters always win over little sisters. “It’s just the way it is,” the article continues.

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Simply Calling Someone a “bandit” Conjures up Images of Outlaw Bushrangers.

A perverse folk hero status was also achieved by Australia’s revered bushrangers, who went by the name of Bandit.

Bandit’s playful teasing of his young daughters sometimes devolves into bullying, as we see on rare occasions.
Bandit is praised for his parenting prowess, but Chilli is “figuratively and literally in the background,” according to the critics.

bluey controversy

It’s no surprise that fans of Australia’s best-loved canine dad have reacted angrily to the article, with scores of social media users criticising it.
Twitter user: “We’re doomed and we’re psychoanalysing Bandit.” Another Twitter user: “This essay is critical of Bluey’s Bandit for being a reductive stereotype of the Australian larrikin,'” and yet another: Do you think this is an issue? I doubt many men are getting their cues on how to man from Bluey.”

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Because It’s for Kids, Why Are We Analysing a Cartoon?

As a matter of fact, why are we doing this? In today’s world, there are more important issues to consider. This is a great book for adults because it shows how Bandit & Chilli deal with daily life, while Bluey & Bingo try to deal with it as children. It’s full of lessons,” wrote another.

“Once again, it’s that time of year. The time has come to cancel Bandit’s Bluey subscription,” another user tweeted.
The same thing happened on Facebook, where the article was roundly panned by readers.

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It’s obvious that the author hasn’t watched nearly enough Bluey episodes.

“Rubbish. Clearly, the writer hasn’t seen enough episodes of Bluey. While Bandit is a self-deprecating “larrikin” character, there are many layers to him, and “if you go after Bandit, you go after all of us,” one Facebook user wrote.

According to Ginger Gorman, a reporter for the New York Daily News, the programme “plays into [the] trope that Dads can’t be trusted to… babysit their own children.”

bluey controversy

Kids Emmy in 2019; 2021 Critics Choice Award for Best Animated Series: “Sleepytime”; 2019 Kids Emmy for “Sleepytime”
So many people around the world love it that some parents in the United States even claim that their children are picking up an Australian accent from watching it all the time.

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