Chris Hogan Controversy: Dave Ramsey’s Board Knew He Had an Adulterous Personality on Staff, According to Audio


Chris Hogan is a well-known personal finance expert who used to work for Dave Ramsey’s organization as a money coach and podcast host. “Retire Inspired: It’s Not an Age; It’s a Financial Number” was published in 2016, and “Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth – and How You Can Too” was published three years later. ChrisHogan360 was Hogan’s blog, and “The Chris Hogan Show” was his weekly podcast. Hogan, on the other hand, is no longer employed by Dave Ramsey’s firm, and his LinkedIn profile now describes him as a self-employed strategy consultant, author, and speaker. Hogan, in a nutshell, aims to make saving and investing more accessible to the general public.

Dave Ramsey and Two Members of His Board Were Approached by Melissa Hogan.

Melissa Hogan approached Dave Ramsey and two members of his board of directors more than three years ago with evidence that her husband, Chris Hogan, a well-known Ramsey personality, was having extramarital affairs.

Chris Hogan Controversy

Melissa said in a recent Untangled Faith episode with Amy Fritz, “It felt like I was being emotionally raped.” Ramsey and his board members, according to Melissa, were “very nasty” to her. “It was basically, ‘What other false claims do you have?'” says the author.

Exclusive Audio Was Obtained by The Roys Report

The Roys Report has obtained exclusive audio in which the two Ramsey board members state that they knew Chris Hogan was having an affair at the time of their 2018 meeting with Melissa.
On May 18, 2020, Dan Watt, a former Ramsey software developer, met with Ramsey Operational Board Members Jack Galloway and Mike Finney for another meeting.

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False Narrative and Double Standard?

Ramsey Solutions has a reputation for being a Christian-owned business. “We have a moral code of conduct in our office,” Ramsey has declared publicly. If someone has an adulterous relationship, I fire them.”
Ramsey also says in his book EntreLeadership that if a team member decides to have an affair, he “won’t let them stay.” I can’t trust them if their spouse doesn’t.”
The corporation is currently being sued for terminating an employee because she was pregnant and unmarried. Ramsey Solutions also dismissed or forced the resignations of at least 12 additional employees for having sex before marriage, according to court documents in that case.

Chris Hogan Controversy
Despite this, Ramsey Solutions backed Chris Hogan’s statewide tour to market his book just weeks after Melissa Hogan informed Ramsey and his board of directors of her husband’s adultery.

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Ramsey’s Story Is Contested by Melissa Hogan.

Melissa Hogan denies demanding Ramsey aggressively in December 2018 on the Untangled Faith podcast. “I was not in any way engaged in hyperbole or theatrics,” she claims, adding that she offered Ramsey and his board “a lot of documentation and recordings.”

Ramsey’s claim that there were “no angels” in the circumstance is also a source of contention for her.

“I don’t claim to be perfect,” Melissa added, “but throughout my marriage, I acted with integrity.”

Chris Hogan Controversy

Ramsey and his board members “gaslit” Melissa and accused her of lying and making false accusations during the meeting, Melissa claims.

Melissa described the experience as “very traumatic.” “I can’t even… explain how horrific that was—it was approximately 30 minutes, from what I recall—it was like being emotionally raped.” And that’s hardly a compliment.”

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The Truth Is Out

Chris Hogan admits to having affairs with several women during his marriage, including a former Ramsey employee and Hogan’s sister-in-law, according to now-public divorce documents.

In the documents, Hogan claims that he never lied to his boss about his affairs. Ramsey Solutions and/or Ramsey Solutions “agents or representatives” also referred him to divorce attorneys, according to him.

In 2020, Dan Watt resigned from Ramsey Solutions as a result of his meeting with Galloway and Finney.

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