Dave Portnoy Controversy: He Disputes Charges of Sexual Misconduct

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“Barstool Sports” blogger David Scott Portnoy (born March 22, 1977) is a well-known American internet personality. As a result of a new revelation, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has announced his intention to sue the media company for defamation.

Portnoy, 44, has been accused by a number of women of sexual misbehavior and forceful intercourse that has devolved into humiliation, but he has vehemently disputed the allegations. It has emerged that Portnoy filmed sexual interactions without consent from three more women, with one woman claiming to have been broken in an aggressive tryst that was captured on camera by him.

According to a lengthy blog post by Portnoy

He denies ever filming anyone without their permission and has vowed to sue Business Insider and writer Julia Black if the allegations are shown to be true.

To quote Dave Portnoy, “Somebody has to be the guy who says enough is enough,” when the piece was published. This is a man who will go up in flames in order to ensure that his opponents do the same.

dave portnoy controversy

He said in the post that Portnoy “has nothing to conceal and lives for revenge.”

Why? Because once you say anything, you’ve said it a million times. His words were, “I’m happy to blow up my own ship as long as everyone I despise goes down with me.” In the end, there will be no compromise. It doesn’t matter how much money they offer me; I won’t take it. “I won’t stop until I’ve put an end to the operations of those people.”

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According to a Business Insider report in November 2021

Portnoy was accused of forceful and humiliating sexual encounters by a number of women by business insiders. On Wednesday, a woman named Kayla came forward with new allegations against Portnoy, claiming he became increasingly hostile during multiple encounters, and slapped and choked her.

There’s nothing wrong with getting choked up a little bit. It was simply too much,” Kayla told the publication. ‘It was scary.’ I couldn’t breathe. One of the most terrifying experiences is not being able to take a breath. Allegations of sexual misconduct against the Barstool CEO include sending footage of him having sex with women.

In his lengthy reply, Portnoy argued that the sexual encounters were consensual and continued after the accusers supposedly felt frightened. He counters with screenshots of explicit text message conversations with the people who are purportedly behind the charges.

The accusers, he claims, have sent him unwanted texts for years after they broke up. An online newspaper called Barstool was started in 2003 and later went digital.

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Sports Bar Stools

Barstool Sports was founded by Portnoy after he had worked for Yankee Group for four years. To commemorate Peter Chernin’s acquisition of Barstool’s stock, the company announced that its corporate headquarters would be relocating to New York City.

For $163 million, Penn National Gaming purchased a 36% ownership in Barstool Sports from the founders, including $135 million in cash and $28 million in Penn non-voting convertible preferred stock. Portnoy will continue to administer the site and keep creative control of the material following the sale to The Chernin Group for a 36 percent ownership in the company.

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