Figs Scrubs: What Happened? A Nurse Said Her Clothes Are “Inappropriate.”


In the medical field, Figs Scrubs is the preferred brand. Scrubs are the standard work uniform for physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel.

Scrubs manufacturer allegedly made snide, insulting statements against doctors and nurses, as claimed by several on social media.

Some viewers of the video ad criticized the corporation for stereotyping all female doctors in the osteopathic medicine sector.

The clothing manufacturer released an advertisement that many medical professionals deemed “narrow-minded and misogynistic,” leading to widespread criticism of the business.

Just What Went Down with Figs Scrubs?

figs scrubs controversy

Figs Scrubs is a medical apparel manufacturer. Scrubs are the standard work uniform for physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel.

Figs Scrubs, which has been operating in the industry since 2013, is responsible for manufacturing the garments. Recently, the clothing manufacturer issued an advertisement that many medical professionals criticized as “narrow-minded and misogynistic,” leading to a backlash against the brand.

The advertising in question featured a woman wearing one of the company’s fluorescent pink scrubs, which sparked widespread outrage.

the lady entered the frame while holding an inverted copy of “Medical Terminology for Dummies.” The camera then pans down to the woman’s waist, where she is carrying a work ID card that reads “DO.”

DOs, short for “doctor of osteopathic medicine,” are fully trained doctors who have completed medical school in the United States, at least according to the Mayo Clinic.

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A Nurse Said She Was Reprimanded for The Manner She Wore Her Scrubs.

The viral video features user Erika (@ erikamdiaz) wearing the offending scrubs and is followed by photos from the brand’s Instagram illustrating the correct way to wear the garment.

Even though Erika’s body type differs from that of the models depicted, she appears to be wearing her scrubs in accordance with the standards set by the company.

It’s clear that “some people just have an issue with my body, not my scrubs,” as Erika put it in the video’s description. Presently, approximately 12.2 million people have viewed Erika’s TikTok videos.

Erika clarified her height and weight in the comments: “Just for clarification I am 5’2 and 107 lbs.”

‘I genuinely work 2 jobs, volunteer, and I’m still studying,’ she elaborated afterward. “I’m committing my life to better the lives of others; your criticisms don’t matter to me.”

There were others on TikTok who agreed at first that the outfit was unsuitable, or at the very least, the wrong size. One user joked, “Just buy a bigger size lol.”

The comments section quickly became hostile towards these individuals. First, several TikTokers argued that Erika’s perceived size of her scrubs shouldn’t matter as long as she is comfortable and able to do her work.

“Anyone says ‘purchase a bigger size it doesn’t really work like that,” one commenter said. “A larger size may be overly baggy in the shoulders or too lengthy in the torso.”

Second, several people pointed out that by commenting on her attire, TikTokers were lending credence to Erika’s initial claim.

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figs scrubs controversy

When it comes to ads, they may say a lot about a brand and are supposed to encourage people to buy or use the firm. The converse is also true, as one corporation learned following a social media dispute over a female doctor ad. Figs stock falls after a downgrading on North American medical scrubs A nurse’s scrubs have sparked discussion. Although she has different dimensions than the models in the photo, the way she wears scrubs seems to meet brand standards.

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