G Fuel Controversy: Everything We Know so Far

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Gamma Labs, situated in West Babylon, New York, manufactures G Fuel Energy Formula, a caffeinated drink combination. It’s sold as a gaming supplement that promises to improve focus and reaction time. The product, according to Gamma Labs, does not create the sugar crash associated with other canned energy drinks because it is sugar-free.

G Fuel started out as a caffeinated powder that was water-soluble. It has subsequently added a non-caffeinated powder, a carbonated version in a can, a powdered hydration formula, and a pop rock-inspired version in a tube to its line of products.

G Fuel, a Gaming Beverage Company, Made History on June 16th, 2022.

Following the abrupt resignation of a few employees on June 16th, 2022, the gaming drink company GFUEL managed to become embroiled in scandal. The now-former GFUEL employees took to Twitter to announce their departure from the company at about 2:45 p.m. EST.

When a few Twitter users began to speak out about the event, word traveled swiftly throughout the community. Twitter user @Tanzer was one of the first to speak out about it. GFUEL allegedly ‘cold-called’ the staff, according to Tanzer on Twitter. Tanzer also detailed his alleged experience with the company, claiming that he had to “beg” for his final two months’ pay.

gfuel controversy

In addition, @Tanzer was not the only one who spoke out about GFUEL. Streamer @Azhbruh revealed on Twitter that he was banned from GFUEL’s Twitch chat after inquiring about the matter.

Azhbruh said on Twitter that he attempted to talk to GFUEL’s CEO via Twitch because he was concerned. He claimed he was concerned about losing income because his GFUEL partner manager was no longer employed by the gaming beverage company. In frustration, he wrote, “What am I supposed to do now?”

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Non-Gaming Companies Are Eager to Get Their Feet Wet in The Industry.

Non-gaming firms are eager to create their own foundations within the esports market as opportunities grow to astronomical proportions. However, merely dumping money into the sector without putting in significant effort to understand how it works will not yield positive results.

G Fuel, an energy drink designed to improve focus and performance while gaming, is one brand that has become synonymous with the industry. It’s been dubbed “the official drink of esports” because it’s so widely recognized. It won’t help you improve your aim, but it will help you stay motivated during lengthy and strenuous workouts and tournaments. Gamma Labs, which began as a supplement manufacturer for conventional athletes, now produces G Fuel.

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Cliff Morgan, G Fuel’s Ceo, Will Discuss the Company’s Beginnings.

Cliff Morgan, the founder, and CEO of Gamma Labs spoke with us about the origins of G Fuel and its transition from a sports-branded drink to a gaming product, as well as his opinions on the rise of the mobile esports industry and how brands might break-in. We also discussed the company’s contentious influencer partnerships and his feelings about having them associated with the G Fuel brand.

gfuel controversy

“I originally began Gamma Labs as a sports nutrition company,” says the founder. My first product was an all-natural testosterone booster targeted toward professional athletes. From 2004 to roughly 2010, we were essentially a one-product company, which was a forerunner to G Fuel,” Morgan explains.

“I had a junior marketing guy who was a competitive Halo player, and he told me that before they competed in Halo, he and his teammates drank our pre-training mix.” As a result, they were full of energy and laser-like focus.”

Stereotypes Related to Gaming

Gamers have a poor reputation, with stereotypes of lethargic, basement-dwelling nerds perpetuating stereotypes that are the polar opposite of sports. As a result, esports has had difficulty competing with traditional sporting events for attention. However, as the industry matures and investment opportunities expand, esports players will face the same pressures as athletes in other sports.

“I believe that stereotype is inaccurate. When people think of video gamers, they think of folks who sit on their couches eating Cheetos and pizza and smoking bong hits, but the reality is that the sport and competition now have such a high degree of money,” Morgan explains.

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Dispute Over the Author

The emergence of gaming YouTubers and influencers coincided with the rise of the G Fuel brand. With time, the organization began to form alliances with some of the most well-known names in gaming and esports. G Fuel has worked with hundreds of creators and continues to work with major esports organizations such as Luminosity and FaZe Clan.

One of the G Fuel creators, Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is well-known for a string of online controversies. Kjellberg’s digital misdeeds include rescinding a donation to an anti-hate group and his iconic 2017 racial outburst, for which Disney’s Maker Studios cut ties.

“We’re a brand that caters to families.” I do have a behavioral clause at the conclusion of each of our influencer contracts for anything we believe to be unfamily-friendly or potentially harm our reputation. “As a result of that clause, we’ve had to fire some people,” Morgan says.

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