G4 Controversy: Interactive Appearances of Amouranth in G4 Cause a Mess!


Amouranth is known for causing a sensation wherever she goes. Despite her dark side, Amouranth’s life has also been filled with tragedy. In other words, she’s a human being who deserves our respect and regard, but not our irrational hatred of her. When Amouranthh was last on Twitch, she was inventing an odd new meta where she bounced plastic balls together to make some soothing ASMR sounds while she rolled around in a swimming pool. Following her investment into a plastic ball company, it appears that Amouranth has a surplus of the items, which led her to G4, where she has renewed the topic of gender inequality in the gaming industry, particularly on platforms like G4.

The first gaming network, G4, was a television station devoted completely to video games and gaming-related programming. When Olivia Munn left “XPlay,” one of the channel’s highest-rated series, the show came apart, helping to begin her career as an actor. This time, G4 has returned, but in a different form. YouTube and Twitch are the main sites through which the gaming channel can be streamed. VentureBeat reports that Twitch, where the majority of G4’s content is broadcast, has a multi-year contract with the network. Some critics, however, believe that the channel is still stuck in its gender stereotypes from its early days, despite its move to streaming.

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G4 Controversy

The presence of Amouranth on G4’s “AustinShow” sparked outrage since it appeared to contradict remarks the network has made in the past. In early 2022, G4’s official Twitter account tweeted footage from one of their performances in which host Froskurinn, or Indiana Black, delivered a poignant statement about misogyny in the gaming world.


g4 controversy

There are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with Black because she isn’t as “bangable” as Olivia Munn and Morgan Webb, she claimed. According to her, males have no right to expect gorgeous women because women aren’t “things” or “meant to be attractive” to gamers. It’s also worth noting that while the other “XPlay” hosts get a lot of “flame” since they’re not Adam Sessler (the show’s original host), the dehumanizing criticism directed at her is something she doesn’t get.

g4 controversy

Even though G4’s Twitter account at the time stated that it (and presumably the network as a whole) stood by Froskurinn’s words, after watching Amouranth on the network, viewers are no longer so convinced. When the hosts presented various products to the viewers, Amouranth appeared as a contestant on a 1970s-style “Price Is Right” skit. Amouranth appeared in a purple bikini as the hosts showed off a children’s pool loaded with plastic balls. Because Amouranth sat in the ball pit, the hosts joked that it was now worth more, and one of the Vtubers inquired how much Amouranth cost as well. Viewers who regarded the clip as a direct attack on Frostkurinn’s prior words saw it as in line with Amouranth’s style of streaming.

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Viewers reacted in a variety of ways to the show

Aside from saying that it was a good program, Amouranth hasn’t said anything about the episode yet. For some, booking Amouranth on G4 demonstrates the network isn’t as committed to female gamers as it claims to be. “Frosk’s comment has been thrown out the window,” one viewer wrote, before suggesting that G4 lost viewers due to Frosk’s words. According to another commenter, “gaslighting” their co-host and threatening to replace her with Amouranth, the hosts were a great way to lighten the mood of the broadcast.

G4’s decision to promote Amouranth didn’t enrage gamers because of Amouranth herself, but because of the company’s statement that it stood with Froskurinn, only to feature a woman being objectified by two men just a few minutes later. The clip was described as “hypocritical and depressing” by one gamer.

g4 controversy

She has also appeared more fully clothed on G4, including in an interview on her recent business initiatives, such as the purchase of an oil pump. In a way, Amouranth welcomes the conversation about her business decisions as well as the debate over her appearance and content. “The reason why I’ve been informing the public more about [investments] is that people will write articles when I do,” Amouranth said in an interview on “Attack of the Show!,” another G4 program. We may have been duped by Amouranth all along.

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