Gus Johnson Controversy: What Did Abelina Sabrina Have to Say Regarding Gus Johnson?


YouTubers Gus Johnson and Abelina Sabrina Rios (also known as Abelina Sabrina) had a relationship for a while. Johnson came under fire after Rios complained in a recent video about the lack of assistance she believed she had from a lover during her ectopic pregnancy.
Since it was posted on October 22, Rios’ video has received over 227,000 views and countless comments in favor of her.
Although Rios has stated she is not yet ready to forgive, Johnson has now issued his own apology about the matter. Numerous users on Twitter have reacted differently to Johnson’s apologies, in which he says he will stop doing his podcast and live performances.

Gus Johnson: Who Is He?

Johnson is a YouTuber who mostly focuses on comedic situations and skits starring other performers. He even frequently worked with Rios, taking on several personas.
Aside from that, Johnson has been performing live comedy tours across the United States and co-hosts the Gus and Eddy Podcast with another comedian.

gus johnson controversy

After dating Rios for more than two years, they broke up in 2021. In Rios’ most recent video, their relationship was the focal point.
Before posting videos on the network, where the majority of them are comedic sketches, Rios spent three years working for Walt Disney Entertainment.

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What Did Abelina Sabrina Have to Say Regarding Gus Johnson?

Rios discussed how her ectopic pregnancy progressed to the point where one of her fallopian tubes collapsed in the video.
She mentioned around this time that she needed to see a doctor since she sensed something was wrong, but her partner at the time insisted that they go out for drinks for work.
Later, she talked about how she would occasionally depend on him for trips to the hospital even though she attempted to hold her emotions within and pretend everything was fine. She stated that at these times, he told her, “Anyone else would have left you by now,” and talked about how her condition was putting a hardship on his life.

“The lack of support was incredibly difficult, and I had to attempt to limit these outbursts through treatment because I don’t want that,” she added. To try to numb the pain of whatever I feel is beginning to creep on, I don’t want to become dependent on Xanex or Addavan. It was terrible, and whenever I would ask for assistance—I can’t drive myself—to take me to urgent care, he would respond, “Oh well, phone the advice nurse, and then I’ll take you. To make sure I wasn’t exaggerating my symptoms, he would next insist on listening to the phone calls.
She further asserted that he would “correct” her in front of the doctors because he insisted on attending her appointments out of concern that she could, in her words, “exaggerate my problems.”

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What Has Gus Johnson said Regarding the Accusations Made by Abelina Sabrina?

Fans assumed Johnson, a fellow YouTuber, was the boyfriend despite Rios’ lack of naming him, and soon after, he responded to comments pleading with Johnson to come forward.

He posted the following apology on Twitter: “I’m aware of a recent video that calls out some actions that I’m not proud of. For both of us, the situation was incredibly stressful and convoluted, but I can’t even begin to think how difficult it was for her.

gus johnson controversy

We were inexperienced and woefully unprepared to handle the complexities of a protracted, stressful medical crisis. I realized my behavior and acknowledged my failing during the discussions, counseling, and therapy we underwent together after this period, and I want her to know how truly sorry I am.

“I am well aware of what I did incorrectly, and I wish I could go back and change the way I felt and behaved at that time. Since then, I’ve developed significantly, and I wish I had known then what I know now. I’ll keep developing as a person and making an effort to get better every day.

Numerous people liked his sentiments, but there were conflicting opinions regarding his apology in the comments section of the page.

Can’t believe so many people are just saying, “Good reaction, you’re a terrific dude,” for a person who plainly and obviously was still making terrible judgments as recently as this month, said one user. I hope you get the support you require and improve. S*** was simply intolerable.

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