Idubbbz Controversy: Everything You Need to Know!

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An American YouTuber and comedian, Ian W. Carter (born July 27, 1990) is better known by his stage name iDubbbz. Creator of iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames, he is best known for his comedy video series, such as Content Cop and Bad Unboxing. On Billboard’s US R&B/HH Digital Song Sales chart, “Asian Jake Paul” debuted and peaked at number 24.

Creators Clash

For the charity event Creator Clash, which took place May 14, 2022, iDubbbz announced the event in January of 2022. Doctor Mike, Harley Morenstein from Epic Meal Time, Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson from Game Grumps, Matt Watson, Nathan Barnatt, TheOdd1sOut, I did a thing, and Michael Reeves were some of the notable participants. Esfand and Cr1tiKaL, two popular streamers, were later added to the team as interviewers and color commentators. It took place on May 14 at Tampa’s Yuengling Center and was streamed life online. On May 21, 2022, iDubbbz’ YouTube channel released the stream for free.

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Idubbbz Controversy

Doctor Mike, a popular YouTube star, has responded to the controversy surrounding his fight with iDubbbz at Creator Clash this past weekend by releasing a statement.

idubbbz controversy

The influencer boxing scene has taken notice of Creator Clash, which has made a significant impact. There were eighteen unconventional social media influencers who squared off in the boxing ring this past Saturday for a good cause. The Yuengling Arena was packed to the rafters with excited fans for the showdown, which was a massive success.

Creator Clash was a huge success, but the main event of the evening sparked some debate online. An error at the last minute meant that iDubbbz and Doctor Mike were supposed to face off in a bout lasting five two-minute rounds instead of four three-minute rounds.

However, despite the fact that the Creator Clash Twitter account confirmed that this was simply a mistake, critics were also convinced that Dr. Mike had landed a “cheap shot” during their fight with Idubbbz.

Ahead of their second round, Doctor Mike went in for a headshot on iDubbbz, prompting some to accuse the health professional of bad sportsmanship. In an interview with Philip DeFranco, Dr. Mike apologized for the ordeal and admitted that it was his own fault.

idubbbz controversy

“They’re absolutely correct,” he said. “I understand their perspective. People in my corner are always saying, “Start fast, start fast.” To be honest, I have no idea why I entered the ring for the second time. ”

For me, I think it was a result of my trainers telling me in training that once we start sparring we should immediately go to touch gloves so that I could start fighting.” Even in the second round, I managed to touch gloves and start the action too quickly with all the adrenaline…so my apologies for that. “That was a mistake,” I admit.

Doctor Mike also brushed aside any “conspiracy theories” that might have arisen from their fight’s sudden lengthening, explaining that, despite the issue likely giving iDubbbz the upper hand, he harbored no ill will toward either his opponent or the event.

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There is an OnlyFans dispute

It was reported in March 2020 that Anisa Jomha, iDubbbz’s girlfriend, had tweeted about her “lewd” OnlyFans.On March 15, iDubbbz tweeted a joke about the situation, and on March 28, he posted a video defending the adult entertainment industry.

idubbbz controversy

Fan accusations of his simpleness were met with his response: “I’m not a simp at all.” “My girlfriend and I are inseparable, and I’m happy about it. It has no effect on me. There are plenty of other people you can idolize instead if this upsets your sensibilities.” YouTube stars such as PewDiePie and Cr1TiKaL also weighed in on the situation with their own videos. As a result of the controversy, iDubbbz’s main channel temporarily lost thousands of viewers.

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