Jack Manifold Controversy: What Steps Did Jack M. Take? Rumors About Nihachu’s Dating Stir up Conflict!

English twitch sensation, streamer, and content producer Jack Manifold. In 2022, Jack Manifold has half a million dollars in assets. His 2019 Twitch channel, appropriately titled “JackManifioldTV,” has become a major hit.

A few of his Minecraft movies may be seen on his account called “Thunder1408.” His popularity among his followers is so great that he has over 8,000,00 Twitch subscribers.

Jack is not only a content producer but also a significant social media figure. Manifold, aka Thunder1408, is a famous Twitch streamer from England. Manifold, who was born on August 14, 2002, will turn 20 in 2022.

He identifies as Christian while being of a non-Christian nation. His 2019 Twitch channel, aptly titled “JackManifioldTV,” quickly became a hit. On his YouTube channel, which goes by the name “Thunder1408,” he has published a number of Minecraft-related videos.


The uproar began after Mizkif’s streams began including Jack Manifold. According to Mizkif, the majority of GeorgeNotFound’s viewers on YouTube and Twitch are teenage girls who are “obsessed” with his Minecraft content.

That Jack Manifold said “Yes,” seemingly agreeing with Mizkif that women as young as 15 had been smitten with George, propelled him into the fray. Then Mizkif asked Jack if he knew Dream and if his “doxxing” experience was real. When asked, Jack’s response left him feeling even more uneasy: “I don’t know.”

More fuel was added to the fire when popular Minecraft YouTuber Ph1LzA posted a Twitch video of him playing with another YouTuber dubbed Wilbur Soot. Wilbur openly questions whether or not Ph1LzA can provide him with “something that young females would find interesting without being mocked” in the video.

Jack acknowledged that he was not a sexist and that the conversation with Mizkif was about statistics, among other things, in a series of Twitch apologies.

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Jack Expounded on His Thoughts on The Matter

The things he said in the video with Ph1LzA made him happy, so he formed a group where those women could praise the streamer’s work without fear of ridicule.

He continued to explain that his thoughts on the topic have been misconstrued and used to falsely accuse him of being a sexist. He said that the audiences on Twitch and YouTube were completely different before the Dream SMP and the stan culture took hold, adding that the rumors are completely false.

Jack claims that the “teenage ladies” comment was not a sexist statement because it referred to the demography of Twitch and YouTube followers. For the remainder of the clip, we see Jack remark on how “strange” it was that people believed he was misogynistic for saying what he said and expressing his thoughts, as well as his genuine ignorance of Dream’s “doxxing” case.


Twitch personality Thunder1408 (formerly known as Manifold) is English. Jack wanted to become a professional gamer since he had always enjoyed playing video games.

Starting off, Jack advertised his services using a Twitch account. When 2019 rolled around, he joined the channel’s airstaff. In later times, he also kept up his YouTube live streams.

jack manifold controversy

Because of his Minecraft streaming, he has amassed a sizable fan base on Twitch. Along with his solo performances, he also does some work with “Tubbo” on this Twitch channel.

Jack’s streaming skyrocketed after he joined the Dream Team SMP in August 2020. He had maybe a couple of hundred people following his streams before he joined.

Financial Worth of Jack Manifold

Assets as of 2022 range from $150,000 to over $1 million, with YouTube and Instagram serving as his principal sources of income.

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Jack Manifold’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Manifold, both work for private companies; Mr. is a software engineer, and Mrs. Manifold is in marketing.

One of his siblings is also alive and well. Josh Manifold, his younger sibling, is currently enrolled in college.

For the record, Jack Manifold is single. There is no information available about his current or former romantic relationships.

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