Jeffree Star Controversy: The Contradict Against the World with Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson

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A YouTube personality, entrepreneur, cosmetic artist, and former singer-songwriter, Jeffree Star was born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. on November 15, 1985, in the United States. Jeffree Star established and runs his cosmetics company.


Beauty Killer was Star’s studio album from 2009; it featured the single “Lollipop Luxury” with Nicki Minaj. He went on a number of international tours to spread the word about his music. Signing with Konvict Muzik in 2010, he quit the business suddenly in 2013, alleging legal troubles the label’s owner had had between 2007 and 2010. Star established his cosmetics line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, in November 2014. Forbes reported that he was the sixth highest paid YouTuber of 2018 after earning $18 million from his channels and other activities.


As a musician and aspiring fashion designer, Star took advantage of MySpace to promote himself. Using MySpace in the style of a blog, Star discussed his thoughts on “self-image and confidence,” celebrity, and physical attractiveness.

Star’s extensive usage of online platforms meant that when he finally launched a MySpace profile, he already had a big number of friends who had signed up to follow him there. Oftentimes, his MySpace picture shoots would amass more than 50,000 comments. He also became well-known as a leading indie musician, with daily MySpace popularity rankings consistently placing him in the top ten.

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On April 28, Jeffree Star claims to have a voice note from one of James’ alleged victims and discusses it on the podcast Mom’s Basement hosted by YouTube drama king Keemstar, but he is unable to elaborate for legal reasons. Star further vents that Charles shared with a mutual friend that Star and Dawson “tried to wreck his life.”

jeffree star controversy

According to an April 2020 podcast appearance by Star, “everyone tries to make me out ‘You ruined James Charles’s career. “No, Tati did, and she posted a 40-minute video about him, which she absolutely, positively, positively should not have posted. But she did, and James accuses me and Shane of plotting to destroy his life and bringing about this catastrophe (like we effing care).

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson vs. the World in Dramageddon 3.0

New developments in the drama unfold gradually here. Kameron Lester, a former friend and beauty influencer of Jeffree Star‘s, released a heartfelt Instagram TV video on June 10 in which he discussed his time spent with Star. The two, according to Lester, “manipulated” him and “used” him as a “token Black youngster.” In addition, he heard Dawson “curse out” Charles on a March FaceTime call between Star and Dawson, before Dramedy 2.0.

Jeffree Star denies the charges and gets personal in a voicemail he leaves for Lester after he shares the video, telling him things like, “I know you’re sad your lover left you, he stopped loving you,” among other hurtful things. Lester is made to look crazy by Star’s manipulation, but the fans have had enough of being deceived and refuse to believe Star’s lies. The comments about people breaking up do not go down well, especially considering that Star recently split up with his own long-term lover at the beginning of the year. The nasty response from Star just fuels the speculation that he may be more complicit than he is letting on.

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Tab, who has modelled for Jeffree Star’s cosmetics campaigns

The tab claims that Star has not changed, and claims the next day that Star still uses insults of all types. The video is removed, but Sanders Kennedy, who runs a drama channel, reposts it. Interestingly, Star tweeted in response to the video, but the comment has already been deleted.

In June, three prominent drama channels—Ashlye Kyle, Sanders Kennedy, and the Viewer’s Voice—released exposés on Star. They all express regret that James Charles’ defence time was cut short. Kyle claims in a video posted on June 12 that Star would offer her his thoughts and inside scoops, particularly during Dramageddon 2.0. Star also preemptively warned her before publicly criticising Charles.

An excerpt from Star’s text reads, “His eyes are so dead it’s haunting… like a monster.” Star’s data helped drama channels like Kyle’s and others grow their subscriber bases, viewership, and AdSense revenue, giving the impression that Star was paying for them to air his views. It helped create a flood of unfavourable films about James Charles.

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