Jelloapocalypse Controversy – Everything We Know so Far About Bizarre Tantrum

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Real-life JelloApocalypse, Brendan Blaber (born June 20, 1994), is an American voice actor and YouTube sensation most known for his dub videos. Blaber is a Gemini by birth sign and holds dual citizenship with the United States.


When he created his YouTube account on September 10th of 2009, he began a career that now has over 1.55 million subscribers and more than 200 million views.


Jello is currently residing in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region with his family. In addition to his work as a YouTuber, he’s also a voice actor who’s appeared in shows like Fire Force, Smite, Borderlands 3, Actors: Songs Connection, and most recently in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising as the Bandage Villain Mummy, Avi Kobo from No Guns Life, Faust from Dark Deity, and Jack Barter from Wild Card.

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Youmacon 2016 was one of the events where he appeared with his sister, better known online as pLasterbrain, and longtime friend Tom Laflin, an actor who has worked with Jello. Jigglerettes is how they’ve always been known. VRV, owned by Crunchyroll, hosts Epithet Erased, a web series he created and wrote.

Controversy About Youtube Video

Viewers of Jello’s November 5th, 2018 YouTube video, which had the headline “Vote,” accused him of “subliminal messaging” in an attempt to get them to vote for the Democrats.

According to Partisan, several of the comments in the video appeared to be liberal. Why would I risk alienating my audience? According to Jello, a Tumblr user who lost 9,000 of his followers, About three dollars worth of sales were generated as a result of this transaction.

It was worth the effort.” In response to the outpouring of criticism, he took to Twitter to explain his reasoning for posting the video and the meaning of his response. Later, Jello said he would not apologize for using his channel to express his views and urge his followers to vote.

Appearance and financial status

Jello has now reached the age of a quarter of a century. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, but his height and weight have not been revealed.

Several sources estimate his current net worth to be in excess of $700,000. His fortune is growing rapidly thanks to a variety of sources, including his YouTube channel, his freelance work as a voice actress and a writer, and his Patreon earnings. He is a Chicago-based actor and writer.

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 Personal Life

Jello is one of the most private individuals in the world, but there are still stories floating around the internet about his love life and sexuality.

The rainbow flag symbol in the caption of Jello’s Twitter account and the fact that he has never spoken about girls previously have led to speculation that he is homosexual. There is no evidence to back up this rumour because he refuses to discuss it.

Fan sightings have led some to believe that Jello and a fellow female YouTuber who is an avid anime and cosplayer are seeing one other out and about in Chicago. When they decided to meet up a few months ago, it appears that they’ve been dating for three months now, according to his followers’ comments.

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